Console 1.6.0 Release Notes
Version 1.6.0
Created: February 11, 2012
What’s New
  • Prevention of concurrent login sessions (#10538)
  • Session timeout after X minutes of inactivity (#10359)
  • Disable users who try unsuccessfully to login X times in Y minutes (#10739)
  • New Audit Log to view a list of user activity. (#10360)
  • Ability to schedule purges for the future and to recur at regular intervals (#12826)
  • Ability to create backups of data being purged (#12859)
  • Ability to stop a purge task partway through (via cancel link) (#12797)
  • Informative UI for user to have insight into purge progress (#12868)
  • Upgrade to Rails 2.3.5 from 2.3.1
  • Upgrade to Common to improve MySQL performance (#11482)
  • Updated Apache (#12418)
  • 3 new Advanced Reports
  • Upgraded Prototype and jQuery Javascript libraries

Fixed Issues
  • Enhanced verification of ssh keys  (#4371)
  • Removed auto-completion of passwords from form fields (#10362)
  • Consistent UI on Configuration Default page (#10809)
  • Ability to Purge functionality without locking up the database and also while allowing other processes (such as transfers) to happen concurrently (#7965)
  • Backup tasks are completed more quickly (#12593)
  • Fixed issue with high memory usage in Custom Field process (#12640)
  • If user's session times out, return to last page viewed after login (#12818)
  • Duplicate entries in Custom Fields table (#13427)
  • Report display now IE9 compatible

Known Issues
  • When uploading files (i.e., ssh key files), temp files are created on the file-system. These need to be cleaned up.
  • Running the purge task will recreate any cancelled scheduled smart transfers (#13662)

Package Information
sha1sum value:
  • 77745fadacdf8b639cbe8186a90a916567497ba5  aspera-console-
  • 58a6074cb8dc3e5a9e8c8524df1c7526905f9b21  aspera-console-
  • 82ab089d150aec85418a4099ef05225643f64a25  AsperaConsole-

MD5sum value:
  • 67a979d06ebc9e0cf16f4a4251b23230  aspera-console-
  • c2b22f644bba79b3ea4544637c899d13  aspera-console-
  • 94e1761f09e20c8dde0c95611d849b49  AsperaConsole-