Console 1.5.6 Release Notes
Version 1.5.6
Created: April 8, 2011
What’s New
  • Enhanced Smart Transfers scheduling with more flexibility and granularity
  • Apache log rotation and deletion (#9016)
  • Added a default index.html with commented out javascript for client-side redirect (#9256)
  • Added MySQL version check to the pre-upgrade script. (#9429)
  • Added warning dialog to the “Connect to Console” button. (#9310)

Fixed Issues
This list covers the critical and major problems fixed in this release.
  • Fixed Activity page to not cut off values in the Scheduled column. (#5722)
  • Fixed “Invalid page requested” message when drilling down from the job file list to the file details due to fasp_files having no matching fasp_session records. (#9473)
  • Fixed 500 error when updating transfer path with empty endpoints. (#9342)

Package Information
MD5sum value:
  • e6a5f004281e5c0f26df4bea829add64  aspera-console-
  • 750dca1dc9430ee78221063882c6b0da  aspera-console-
  • 11a92e2de70e4db20e61e8e7c6893a63  AsperaConsole-
  • 33a4de6b1b8d515f8708c2465eebd4ce  aspera-common-
  • 9ebe264a63f1dc620d2c374b5d7d2581  aspera-common-
  • fe14b38115fbc98ded84c1b5e1dd0424 pre_upgrade.rb

sha1sum value:
  • 7135f379e982ad5915468282a979d585c099db80  aspera-console-
  • cb2886c6987cf08a52be0608329065a0ea76b3e3  aspera-console-
  • 1e63ab7a44469492689ca48ff6f0e72e534583c0  AsperaConsole-
  • 5f4d285d6a73aa71115ddf51d2b25c230da78e0f  aspera-common-
  • 16d2321e829553b62d8431f595f79d6ec611f808  aspera-common-
  • 98149e4ca32118e80c4022bb059fba0bb002f11a pre_upgrade.rb