Console 1.5.5 Release Notes
Version 1.5.5
Created: March 18, 2011
Updated: March 28, 201

What’s New #1

    New security and search performance improvements

    Support for Aspera Enterprise and Connect Server 2.7, and Point-to-Point 2.7

    Improvements to ASCTL and the installer

    Dashboard Map

  • Lines for transfer activity now include transfers where one side is an unmanaged node.

    Smart Transfers

  • Option to allow users to share smart transfers that use personal saved logins

    Improved Reporting

  • Creation of custom reports

  • Report scheduling and emailing

    Many added features, including:

  • Custom Fields

  • Background Process Monitoring

  • Deleting Folders after Successful Transfers

  • SSH Tunnels

  • Backup and Purge

    Third-party component upgrades

  • Upgraded to MySQL 5.1.54

  • Upgraded Apache 2.2.17

  • Upgraded Ruby 1.8.7

    Significant bug fixes, as described in the “Fixed Issues” section below

Fixed Issues

This list covers the critical and major problems fixed in this release.

    Fixed Window installer issue where mySQL root password is overwritten by new installation (#5011). #1

    Updated ETA computation so that it gets set to NULL if the transfer is predicted to last longer than ~360 days (#5239). #1

    If a user attempts to add an invalid group name, they are no longer redirected to the Configuration page and instead are provided with an error message (#5409). #1

    Fixed error that occurs after specifying wrong mySQL password during installation (when faspex™ is currently installed on the system) (#5489). #1

    Fixed issue with bracketed transfer name not being shown on Activity and Node Details pages (#5498). #1

    Fixed issue where “History” filter shows incorrect value if redirected to from Dashboard (#5711).

    Updated unclear error messages and labels (#6299, #5854, #5849). #1

    Fixed issue where transfer names (started from SCP GUI) containing certain Unicode character don’t appear in Console (#6311). #1

    Fixed error that occurs when email template body is blank (#5655). #1

    Fixed issues with email attachments (#6552, #6644) #1

    Fixed error in Email Settings, where upon initial installation or upgrade, neither “Open Authentication” nor “Login Required” is selected (#4998). #1

    Fixed issue where the reports page displays an HTTP 500 error when the report was generated from a deleted Advanced report template with a custom variable. (#9222)

    Fixed IE8 problem where outline borders are missing from the boxes in the Smart Transfer diagram. (#9249)

    Improved load time of the Smart Transfer page when a non-admin user with many Smart Transfers attempts to load the list. (#9250)

    Fixed Smart Transfer problem where non-admin users were unable to create shared smart transfers using existing personal logins. (#9251)

    Fixed Smart Transfer problem where a user was able to create a transfer with source=”node login” and dest=”personal login,” even though the user didn’t have explicit transfer path permission of ‘login’->’any’. (#9252)

    Fixed problem where temp_bitrate was recalculated incorrectly even when users/bytes_transferred remained unchanged. (#9254)

    Fixed HTTP 500 error on the Manage Reports page when the owner of the report is deleted from Console. (#9255)

    Fixed basic report failure that occurred when viewing a scheduled report that a deleted user had created. (#9267)

    Fixed problem where emails are not being sent. (#9320)

    Fixed improper handling of special characters in the Custom Field value field. (#9334)

    Fixed SSH Tunneling to work if "Transfer Server Bind Address" is set to  (#9417) #3 

    Fixed canocalizer failure when the total of all names in a Windows hot folder exceeds 65,535 characters.  (#9421) #3

    Fixed database purge error when the canonicalizer record does not have a created parent record.  (#9428) #3 

    Fixed canonicalizer to not get stuck when the number of records exceeds the canonicalizer batch size and the terminated records are left with the status "starting'.  (#9435) #3

Known Issues

    Aspera Console 1.5 cannot run on the same machine as any version of Aspera faspex™.

    Unable to delete the docroot settings from a Enterprise Server 2.5 node.  Workaround:  Upgrade Enterprise Server to 2.7. (#6006)

    Apache startup on Windows logs the following harmless warning message:

             The Apache service named reported the following error:

>>> [Wed Jan 05 04:14:50 2011][warn](OS 2)The system cannot find the file specified. : No installed

ConfigArgs for the service "Apache HTTPD Server (Aspera)", using Apache defaults. (#8006)

    When upgrading from Console 1.5.1 to 1.5.2, it is not necessary to run pre_upgrade.rb.  On Linux, the script will give an error.  On Windows, the script will run, but not do anything. (#9115)

    On the “Connect” tab, changing the port from 40001 fails.  If the port is changed, Aspera Central will fail to reload.  The following error is thrown: “Network Error: Unable to contact Aspera Central server: Unable to connect to remote server/proxy. Connect attempted to, port <port #>.”  Restore the port to 40001 if you encounter this error. (#8635)

    An advanced report that does not have a date range will fail to repeat at the scheduled time.  Workaround: Add $REPORT_PERIOD_END and $REPORT_PERIOD_START to the advanced report. (#8848)

    Existing SSH Tunnels connections will fail if the "SSH Tunnel Start Port" is changed.  The connection status will report "SOAP Connection Problem."  Workaround: Connect a new node or Restarting the SOAP Poller will fix broken connections.  (#9153)

    A scheduled report with a custom report period that is re-scheduled to repeat will run, but not repeat. (#9184)

Package Information

sha1sum value:

  •   5941e38d11fc9e9c26469e31bb49e2028147d325  aspera-console-

  •   e21c1e71c85f8e83483a98d902e6e74ee66d2e47  aspera-console-

  •   7ee74550816866467853f23530ecdd4deaae9ce4  AsperaConsole-  

MD5sum value:

  •   083e671f1e636e99194fca49a4b7f142  aspera-console-

  •   18b0ba0a7e4e1951d709b73eff592a87  aspera-console-

  •   a013971777586f4271da75a15f417307  AsperaConsole-


#1 These features and fixes were originally introduced in Console 1.5.2.
#2 Fixed in Console 1.5.4 for Windows.
#3 Fixed in Console 1.5.5.