Release Notes: IBM Aspera Connect 3.9.0
Release Notes: IBM Aspera Connect 3.9.0

Release Notes: IBM Aspera Connect 3.9.0

Product Release:  April 3, 2019
Release Notes Updated: April 9, 2019

The 3.9.0 release of IBM Aspera Connect provides the new features and fixes described below. These notes also list system requirements, including supported platforms, and known issues.

The key change in this release is that Connect and the Connect SDK now make use of browser extension technology to facilitate the app's communication with the web browser. The use of browser extensions benefits users of on-premises servers as well as users of Aspera on Cloud. The new Connect provides:

  • More reliable detection and launching of Connect, removing the need for launch prompts
  • Improved security
  • Improved browser integration. (In particular, the Safari 12 workaround is no longer needed.)
  • Easier installation and upgrade procedures that include guided assistance
Upgrading Connect to version 3.9 is required by June 2019. Aspera encourages you to take immediate action:
  • End users should upgrade to Connect 3.9.0.
  • Web developers should integrate their Connect applications with the Connect SDK 3.9.0.
Feedback Program: We welcome your feedback. Customers interested in providing it for Connect 3.9 can register at the IBM Feedback Program. IBMid required. You can submit your feedback on the Submit Problem Report page.


  • Browser Extension Installation

    The introduction of extension technology adds a new step to the Connect installation procedure. The new in-app installation assistance guides users through the process of obtaining the Connect extension.

    All supported browsers require the extension, with one exception: Internet Explorer instead uses ActiveX.

    During Connect installation, the extension is downloaded (in most cases) from the browser's extension store. However, for Safari, the extension is provided in the macOS installer.


  • Improved Experience for Installation and Upgrade

    Previously, the banner below prompted users to install or upgrade Connect:

    In the new Connect, users are prompted with the panel below and guided through the remaining steps:

  • New Binaries and Restricted Environments

    In restricted environments, the following new binaries may need to be added to the whitelist:
    asperaconnect-nmh.exe asperaconnect-emh.exe
  • Breaking Changes

    Connect is no longer supported on macOS 10.11.



  1. Upgrade your web application to use the Connect 3.9.0 SDK.


  2. Set the minimum version of Connect to "3.9.0". For details, see minVersion here:
  3. If you will not use the ConnectInstaller experience, implement support for installing extensions. See the section just below.



Adding the Installing of Extensions to a Custom Install Experience

A new Connect state EXTENSION_INSTALL has been added to the SDK for web applications that are ready to use extensions.

The ConnectInstaller class provides helper functions even if you don't use the default installation experience. Include connectinstaller-4.js from the SDK. Create an instance of the ConnectInstaller:
var installer = AW4.ConnectInstaller()
To indicate that your web application is ready for web extensions, set the following global variable:
AW4.ConnectInstaller.supportsInstallingExtensions = true

Your web application will receive an EXTENSION_INSTALL event when extensions are not detected. In response to this event, present your extension install view.

To check whether the current browser needs an extension install experience:
var needed = installer.doesBrowserNeedExtensionStore()
In addition to the EXTENSION_INSTALL event, you can manually check whether the extension is installed:
installer.isExtensionInstalled(1000, {      timedout: function() { console.log('not installed') },      success: function() { console.log('installed') } })
To start the extension install:
Or, create a hyperlink to the store URL:

To facilitate the installation process, the Connect extension attempts to return the user to the tab that started the installation. To take advantage of the return behavior, add an element to your page with css class aspera-connect-ext-locator. Do this only when the extension installation is in progress. The extension will return to the tab that contains this element and refresh the page.

For information about how to access the Connect extensions, see the IBM Aspera Connect User's Guide: Installation.



In the list below, the ticket numbers with an asterick (*) are fixes that require the Connect 3.9 SDK. The remaining tickets are fixes regardless of the SDK version.

*ASCN-xxxx - Safari 12 has an issue (Apple's) with launching desktop applications, including Connect. This is no longer an issue due to browser extensions.

*ASCN-xxxx - [SDK] The following messages prompting the user to launch Connect are no longer necessary and have been removed from the UI.


*ASCN-1315 - Firefox generates an unhelpful error dialog when the FASP protocol is not registered: "There is no program associated to perform the requested action. Please install a program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel." This is fixed as long as you use extensions.

ASCN-1313 - The Internet Explorer test-connect page goes white after attempting to detect Connect.

*ASCN-1217 - Safari 12 on macOS is not officially supported for Connect. For details, see:" (CIM-1701)

ASCN-1210 - Already-cleared transfer history reappears after computer reboot. (CIM-1915)

ASCN-1195 - SDK: The readChunkAsArrayBuffer call needs to read chunks with an offset greater than 2147483647 bytes

ASCN-1146 - When an aborted transfer is restarted, the EAR setting is ignored. (CIM-1825)

ASCN-1119 - When the 10-session limit is reached, the error displayed does not indicate the cause. (CIM-1741)

*ASCN-1098, ASCN-1120 - [Mac] Safari 12: Connect is no longer recognized in a specific tab after entering a new address. Issue has been addressed with addition of browser extensions.

ASCN-1095 - The file selection filter is not working. Users can select any files despite attempts to limit the valid file extensions using this feature. (CIM-1680)

ASCN-1053 - Connect doesn't apply the password received in the transfer specs for a re-tried transfer after a Connect restart. (CIM-1578)

*ASCN-1023 - [Mac] Safari 12 - "Allow Safari to open Connect" pops up when browsing Faspex.

ASCN-730 - [Linux] Connect with older versions of Firefox and KDE may not be able to initiate transfers. Workaround: Upgrade Firefox and KDE.

*ASCN-566 - Aspera web apps ask users to launch Connect whenever the page is reloaded. Single-page apps like AoC are unaffected. Workaround: Choose "always open" or "remember". Note: This is fixed as long as you use extensions.

ASCN-198 - A package or folder whose name contains unsupported path characters cannot be downloaded.

ASCN-190 - [Windows] The first instance of Connect cannot be run by an administrator and regular user at the same time.

ASCN-148 - Connect does not display all the digits in the Transfer Monitor when there is increased system text size. (CIM-280)


  • OS versions: 7 SP1, 8.1, 10, Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012 R2, 2016
  • Browsers: Chrome 64-72, Firefox ESR 52 & 60, Firefox 57-65, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge 39-42
macOS (64-bit)
  • OS versions: macOS 10.12, 10.13, 10.14
  • Browsers: Chrome 64-72, Firefox ESR 52 & 60, Firefox 57-65, Safari 11-12
Linux (64-bit)
  • OS versions (glibc 2.9 and higher): RHEL 6.7,7.3, 7.4, CentOS 6-7, Debian 7-9, Fedora 26-27, SLES 11-12, OpenSUSE 42.3, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, 16.04 LTS, 17.10
  • Required Libraries: OpenSSL 1.0.2g or higher, Mesa EGL, glib2 2.28 or higher
  • Browsers: Chrome 64-72, Firefox ESR 52 & 60, Firefox 57-65



Linux 64-bit (rpm): ibm-aspera-connect-
md5: 9e024d0fbef2b1aa7154c7a49beaebba
sha1: 6f8ea14f9bbf803975fb368a187e0adac2046257
Mac OS X: IBMAsperaConnectInstallerSystemWide-
md5: 0c356ff77a35e46d43e5a8e89fc56fd9
sha1: 2251dd3a94117b1ba625b438fe636fd2623882fb
Windows: IBMAsperaConnect-ML-
md5: f26c9a3cc2e31d0c77d025810073417e
sha1: aec8a7f82a3249904f6347132e8efe88607228f6

Windows: IBMAsperaConnect-ML-

md5: f26c9a3cc2e31d0c77d025810073417e sha1: aec8a7f82a3249904f6347132e8efe88607228f6

macOS X: IBMAsperaConnectInstallerSystemWide-

md5: 0c356ff77a35e46d43e5a8e89fc56fd9 sha1: 2251dd3a94117b1ba625b438fe636fd2623882fb

Linux 64-bit (rpm): ibm-aspera-connect-

md5: 9e024d0fbef2b1aa7154c7a49beaebba sha1: 6f8ea14f9bbf803975fb368a187e0adac2046257


ASCN-1557 - After upgrading, drag-and-drop does not work until the browser is restarted.

ASCN-1487 - Safari extension-approval step appears even if the installation started in a different browser.

ASCN-1389 - [Linux] Transfers fail with "FASP management terminated unexpectedly." Appears to be related to password entry. Workaround: Restart the transfer.

ASCN-1318 - Connect on Mac 10.14 does not detect system proxy settings. Workaround: Configure the proxy manually in Connect preferences.

ASCN-898 - Getting error message "Connect (Not Responding)" after clearing hundreds of transfers.

ASCN-797 - Main menu bar for Crypt is not translated for all languages.

ASCN-754 - [Windows] Internet Explorer crashes during a Connect upgrade.

ASCN-705 - If Connect is not able to connect to the server through SSH, a misleading error message, "Failed to authenticate," is reported rather than indicating it's a connection problem. (CIM-72)

ASCN-580 - [Win] Accessibility: Install wizard not properly displayed in high contrast mode.

ASCN-362 - The Preferences icon (link) is not available in the Transfers window.

ASCN-355, ATT-364 - When using HTTP fallback, downloads with in-line decryption sometimes fail after an upload to a server with EAR. Workaround: Download without in-line decryption, then decrypt locally.

ASCN-271 - When encrypted-at-rest files are downloaded, the decryption dialog does not ask for passphrase confirmation. As a result, if the passphrase is invalid, the files are transferred in their encrypted state. (CIM-635)

ASCN-262 - JAWS does not say how to select hosts from the hosts list in the Security sub-tabs. This issue is found in other Security sub-tabs, as well.

ASCN-179 - This release of Connect does not support Microsoft ISA proxies.

ASCN-149 - Connect does not switch "desktops" to reveal Connect when asking the user to select files or folders. Workaround: Select Connect from the dock.


For online support, go to the IBM Aspera Support site at To open a support case, log in with your IBMid or set up a new IBMid account.