Release Notes: IBM Aspera Proxy 1.4.3
Release Notes: IBM Aspera Proxy 1.4.3

Release Notes: IBM Aspera Proxy 1.4.3

Product Release: December 14, 2018
Release Notes Updated: February 19, 2019

This release of IBM Aspera Proxy provides the new features, fixes, and other changes listed below. Additional sections cover system requirements and known problems.


  • Proxy now works in a Kubernetes environment by using different IP addresses for TCP and UDP.
  • A UDP port can now be used for different client IPs and increment only for concurrent connections from the same IP. Specifically, udp_port_reuse can be set to true on reverse proxy while udp_port_reuse is set to false on HSTS. For concurrent transfers, when udp_port_reuse is set to false, the UDP port number is incremented based on whether the source IP address is already in use. For example, if there's an existing connection from and a new connection is coming from, the UDP port number is incremented to 33002. However, if the new connection is from, then UDP port 33001 is reused. This works both in Kubernetes environments and in non-Kubernetes environments.


ES-1178 - Proxy enable and disable routing scripts need to support Debian.

ES-1140 - Installing Proxy on SUSE Linux is not working by default. Fix: Added support for SUSE Linux iptables-restore command due to different installation location.


Linux 64-bit: RedHat 6, CentOS 6-7, Fedora 15-20, Ubuntu 12-14, Debian 6-7, SLES 11, Kernel 2.6 or higher, and libc version GLIB 2.5+.


Linux 64-bit (deb): ibm-aspera-proxy-
md5: 6504dbe07822c321931b51812a3a387f
sha1: d56a6449fae5d023d459c6e2aef960541f46ae35
Linux 64-bit (rpm): ibm-aspera-proxy-
md5: e41167737cbd332e52106a76c10a1d02
sha1: eb3c080420885422e2be7954d04813f9f9682b19


ATT-779 - Aspera Proxy 1.4.2 shows a error, even when Proxy is handling all transfers correctly.

ES-225 - Aspera clients using ascp version 3.1.1 or earlier are mapped by Reverse Proxy to the first domain rule specified in aspera.conf if only a host_domain rule is set. Workaround: Set a host_ip rule for the desired domain rule. (CIM-337)

#34615 - When you configure Forward Proxy in the Aspera server GUI (Preferences > Proxy > Enable transfer proxy), the GUI applies TCP and UDP rules from Forward Proxy to the Aspera server GUI connections.

#21288 - On some Linux platforms (for example, SUSE) the iptables-restore command is not located in /sbin but /usr/sbin. Workaround: Create a symlink in /sbin for /usr/sbin/iptables-restore.

#19185 - If you specify a directory for <log_dir>, the log file is created with 0640 permissions. As a result, not all transfers will be logged. Workaround: Once the log file has been created, change its permissions to 0660.


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