Release Notes: IBM Aspera FASP Proxy 1.4.1
Release Notes: IBM Aspera FASP Proxy 1.4.1

Release Notes: IBM Aspera FASP Proxy 1.4.1

Product Release: July 7, 2017
Release Notes Updated: April 18, 2018

This release of IBM Aspera Proxy provides the new features, fixes, and other changes listed below. Additional sections cover system requirements and known problems.


  • Sync can now be used with Reverse Proxy with round-robin load balancing.
  • Reverse Proxy can now use the aspera.conf option bind_source_address to bind the outgoing TCP/UDP channel to a specific IP address.
  • Reverse Proxy now supports authenticated HTTP-fallback transfers by using Nginx with a custom authentication module. (CIM-581)


Note: This release contains tickets created from different issue-tracking systems. For this reason, the list below uses two different formats for issue numbers.

ATT-200 - Forward Proxy might send TCP and UDP sessions to different hosts if the target is a DNS name using round-robin DNS with port reuse disabled. (CIM-139)

ATT-97 - Reverse Proxy creates an iptables rule when there is an error receiving an open session response from the downstream ascp process. (CIM-101)

#36055 - Reverse Proxy does not work when Proxy is multi-homed and the <bind_source_address> option in aspera.conf is not set to the internal IP address. (CIM-246)

#24270 - Transfers cannot be made to a server with a docroot on Azure if routed through an Aspera Proxy server.

#24012 - host_domain rules created in Reverse Proxy are not respected.

#19205 - Proxy does not support HTTP fallback.


Linux 64-bit: RedHat 6, CentOS 6-7, Fedora 15-20, Ubuntu 12-14, Debian 6-7, SLES 11, Kernel 2.6 or higher, and libc version GLIB 2.5+.


Linux 64-bit (deb): aspera-proxy-
md5: 82d5dd1e135a7bc122737ce8b3ff6121
sha1: affc6edf4bde7a84f33ab2071d90b59ce2c049a9
Linux 64-bit (rpm): aspera-proxy-
md5: 6842455097d534032922739e8bc61d05
sha1: 7187cdff905621bc9cc49f6ae2780513b5b28739


ATT-155 - Proxy does not support A4 transfers. (CIM-130)

ES-322 - The output from ascp -A does not include the proxy license. (CIM-509)

ES-225 - Aspera clients using ascp version 3.1.1 or earlier are mapped by Reverse Proxy to the first domain rule specified in aspera.conf if only a host_domain rule is set. Workaround: Set a host_ip rule for the desired domain rule. (CIM-337)

ES-188 - Transfers through Aspera Forward Proxy are rejected if the node user password contains an @ symbol. (CIM-290)

#34615 - When you configure Forward Proxy in the Aspera server GUI (Preferences > Proxy > Enable transfer proxy), the GUI applies TCP and UDP rules from Forward Proxy to the Aspera server GUI connections.

#21288 - On some Linux platforms (for example, SUSE) the iptables-restore command is not located in /sbin but /usr/sbin. Workaround: Create a symlink in /sbin for /usr/sbin/iptables-restore.

#19185 - If you specify a directory for <log_dir>, the log file is created with 0640 permissions. As a result, not all transfers will be logged. Workaround: Once the log file has been created, change its permissions to 0660.


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