IBM Aspera Console 3.2.0 Release Notes
IBM Aspera Console 3.2.0 Release Notes

IBM Aspera Console 3.2.0 Release Notes

Product Release:
Release Notes Updated: December 8, 2017

This release of IBM Aspera Console 3.2.0 provides the new features, fixes, and other changes listed below. These release notes also list system requirements, including supported platforms, and known problems.


  • Endpoints can now be created with Node API authentication (for managed nodes) and access key authentication (for managed and unmanaged clusters).
  • Improved Apache security decreases Console's vulnerability to Denial-of-Service attacks and SSL attacks.
  • The Nodes page now displays the hostname of managed clusters in the Address and Hostname columns. Managed clusters are shown with "N/A" in the Last Restart and Failover Group columns.
  • Aspera clusters can now be added as unmanaged nodes, as well as managed clusters.
  • The watch folder remote node can now be configured with token authentication.
  • Watch folders can now be created on nodes that do not have SSH credentials configured for them.
  • Authorization tokens can now be provided in a JSON payload when creating a transfer (smart or simple) with the Console API. (CIM-317)
  • The default batch size for background processes is now 1000, ensuring that Console displays live transfers associated with managed clusters.
  • The Console UI now conforms to Section 508 Standards for improved accessibility. New features include visual focus for UI elements, a "Skip to main content" link at the top of each page, and labels, links, legends, and dynamically appearing messages are announced by JAWS.


AC-488 - When updating a transfer path in a group's permissions, Console returns a "500 Internal Server Error". (CIM-617)

AC-467 - Console database processes become stuck and no data is ingested when a scheduled backup fails. (CIM-532)

AC-441, AC-175 - When setting up a transfer, you cannot browse folders in a UNC path. (CIM-440, CIM-228)

AC-403 - Running a basic report fails with a MySQL error if a filepath exceeds 255 characters. (CIM-353)

AC-419 - When using Console in Internet Explorer 11 Compatibility mode, on the login page the Forgot password link overlaps the Login button.

AC-394, AC-294 - If a bad value for bytes_transferred, fasp_files.start_bytes, or fasp_files.bytes_written is passed from a node, the Data Canonicalizer background process might stall.

AC-390 - Upgrading to Aspera Common Components version 1.2.19 results in failed dependencies (fixed in 3.1.2).

AC-196 - The number of active sessions listed for managed nodes is incorrect when more than one access key is in use.

AC-188 - Both the source and destination files are listed in Session Detail > Session Files page of a Smart transfer, instead of just the source files.

AC-181 - Watch folders cannot use regex and glob filters together. (fixed in Enterprise Server 3.7.3)

AC-171 - Running a Basic Report returns a MySQL error after upgrading Console from 3.0.7. (fixed in 3.1.2)

AC-169 - The Session Detail page for a Hotfolder push reports the wrong source and destination files when both the source and destination are managed nodes. (fixed in 3.1.2)

AC-168 - Console does not restart properly, with some background processes getting stuck in a "starting" state. (fixed in 3.1.2)

AC-165 - Advanced SQL reports do not display or generate an XLSX file if the SQL does not contain date filters.

AC-164 - An Advanced Search based on File Name Start fails if more than 16 characters are entered.

AC-163 - Console falls behind in marking empty sessions for deletion when there are many empty sessions.

AC-158 - The most recent versions of repeating scheduled backups and purges might not be reported in Recent Transfers on the Console dashboard.

AC-155 - When upgrading Console, the same popup, about requiring a reboot after updating files and services, appears twice during the setup. (fixed in 3.1.2)

AC-112 - [Windows] When upgrading Console, a pop-up window reporting background processes that need to be stopped requires users to either manually stop the processes before clicking Retry, or click Ignore and reboot the server after completing the upgrade. (fixed in 3.1.2)

AC-110 - [Linux SUSE 12] When upgrading Console, the installation of the .rpm files fails and reports that services must be stopped, even if the services are already stopped.

AC-86 - When transferring multiple files in one session, if the transfer is stopped and resumed, then the stopped time that is reported in Session Detail is incorrect.

AC-38 - Tables on the Accounts page do not extend into available space.

AC-28 - An HTTP 500 error occurs when trying to access the dashboard and Console tries to render a deleted job in Current Transfers.

ES-53 - Cluster-to-cluster transfers are not supported.


Windows:  2008r2, 2012r2, 2016

Linux 64-bit:  RedHat 6-7, CentOS 6-7, SUSE 11-12
Aspera Common Components 1.2.20

Browsers:  Internet Explorer 8-11, Firefox 27-53, Safari 6-10, Google Chrome 40-59
IE Browser Compatibility mode is now supported.


Linux 64-bit (rpm): aspera-console-
md5: 08ffd299d6a302c298bfbd024519e254
sha1: bbba8943591d4521e3b45d000bc5c79cfa08ce39
Windows: AsperaConsole-
md5: b2b396958cebf16cd41b941914eca8c6
sha1: 2b3aeaa10c9d8f9caba9f68267d45f3d86a88640


Note: This release contains tickets created from different tracking systems. For this reason, the ticket IDs may reflect different numbering formats.

AC-494 - Console cannot display account information for Windows managed nodes if the username contains a space, returning the error "undefined method 'downcase' for nil:NilClass". (CIM-589)

AC-483 - When creating a Watchfolder on a local node that has only Node API credentials, adding a new folder fails with a timeout error.

AC-475 - When upgrading Aspera Common Components, any customizations in my.cnf are overwritten by default values. (CIM-578) Workaround: Before upgrading, backup my.cnf (outside the aspera directory. After upgrading, replace the generated my.cnf file with the backup.

AC-468 - When running a Report with Report on set to last week, the query is run for the correct time frame but the Report Period End displayed in the report title is incorrect. (CIM-498)

AC-442 - The "Node API" endpoint type is not supported for clusters or unmanaged nodes.

AC-415 - [Linux] When upgrading from Console 2.3.0, the installer for versions 3.1.1 and newer fails with the error, "Mysql::Error: Data too long for column..." (CIM-383) Workaround: After installing the latest version of Console and Aspera Common Components but before upgrading, update MySQL settings with the following steps:
  1. Start MySQL.
    $ /etc/init.d/aspera_mysqld start
  2. Log into the Console database as root.
    $ /opt/aspera/common/mysql/bin/mysql -uUSERNAME -pPASSWORD aspera_console
  3. Edit the users table to allow long text strings.
    # ALTER TABLE users MODIFY view_filter TEXT;
  4. Stop MySQL.
    $ /etc/init.d/aspera_mysqld stop
  5. Continue with your upgrade.
    $ asctl console:upgrade

AC-398 - The Console dashboard returns a 500 Internal Server Error if a transfer session becomes stuck. (CIM-335)

AC-378 - When using failover groups, custom transfer settings do not propagate to the failover node. (CIM-296)

AC-376 - The Console map does not display in the Microsoft Edge browser. Microsoft Edge is not yet supported. (CIM-266)

AC-375 - When a transfer session fails to initiate, an incomplete record might be created that displays in Console but cannot be deleted. Workaround: Manually delete the session from central-store.db. (CIM-253)

AC-180 - If a managed node is removed from Console, attempting to delete saved endpoints associated with it from Preferences returns a 500 Internal Server Error.

AC-117 - After restarting Watchfolder services, the details page in Console does not display previously transferred files. This is issue will be fixed in an upcoming release of Enterprise Server.

NODE-137 - The Node API reports an incorrect count of failed files.

NODE-133 - The Node API reports the incorrect completion time for a transfer.

NODE-123 - If a transfer is canceled or it errors out, and it is retried before Console has a chance to poll the node, Console fails to mark the file as errored and instead adds a new file record when resuming the transfer. Both the original and new record appear in the Session Files table on the Session Details page, but the original record remains a normal, green bar and is never updated.

#31098 - (Linux Only) Upgrading the common components from version 1.2.9 to any newer version deletes the /usr/bin/asctl symlink. Workaround: Installing Console or Orchestrator after upgrading the common components will recreate the missing link during the installation process.

#27236 - Console generates reports of the type XLSX (rather than XLS). Any reports completed before upgrading from a version of Console prior to 2.5 are no longer accessible through the web link. However, any reports that were not completed before the upgrade (such as scheduled reports) are unaffected: a report configured to generate XLS generates XLSX when it next runs. Workaround: Click Rerun on a completed report.

#22396 - If upgrading from a version of Console prior to 2.0.1, email notifications are configured for specific transfer paths on a userâ??s Preferences > Email Notifications page, these settings are not honored when the user clicks the Rerun link on the Activity page on a transfer that started before the upgraded.

#22303 - If upgrading from a version of Console prior to 2.0.1, scheduled smart transfers that were created before upgrading continue to use the old behavior, displaying dates/times using the timezone of the transfer requester, rather than trying to look up the recipient's time zone.


For on-line support resources for Aspera products, including raising new support tickets, please visit the Aspera Support Portal. You may have an existing account if you contacted the Aspera support team in the past. Before creating a new account, first try setting a password for the email that you use to interact with us. You may also call one of our regional support centers.