Release Notes: Aspera Connect Browser Plug-in 3.7.0
Release Notes: Aspera Connect Browser Plug-in 3.7.0

Release Notes: Aspera Connect Browser Plug-in 3.7.0

Product Release: January 23, 2017
Release Notes Updated: January 23, 2017

Welcome to this release of the IBM Aspera Connect Browser Plug-in for Windows and Mac OS X. This 3.7.0 release features maintenance updates and improvements.


  • The Connect troubleshooting tool ( has been incorporated into the banner that appears when Connect appears not to be installed. (CIM-48)
  • This release of Connect features various improvements to accessibility in use with screen reader tools. (CIM-176)
  • Connect no longer limits the number of concurrent transfers to 100. The Transfers window displays the first 100 active transfers, along with a count of the remaining transfers. In these cases, for each transfer you delete from the Transfers window, another remaining transfer then appears.
  • The Connect SDK features several API enhancements. For detailed information, see the Aspera Developer Network at .


If you are upgrading from a previous release, the following change for this release may require you to adjust your workflow, configuration, or usage:

The default location for the Save downloaded files to option has changed. The new default download location is the user's Downloads folder. (Previously, Connect downloaded content to the user's Desktop by default.) This change brings Connect into line with the most common practice for applications that perform downloads. The process for altering the download location has not changed.

  • Users who have changed their download location and then upgrade to this release of Connect are not affected by this change. In these cases, Connect will continue to download content to the specified custom location.
  • If a user has not changed the download location before upgrading to this release, Connect will save new downloads to the Downloads folder.

If your organization has built any automated systems around the previous download location, you must either adjust those systems for this change, or change users' download location back to Desktop after upgrading Connect.


ASCN-163 - [Windows only; Firefox/Chrome only] A problem in Connect 3.7.0 with multi-user installations has been fixed. If your installation of Connect 3.7.0 uses multiple system users, verify your release number: right-click the Connect icon in the system tray, and select About. If the number is, you must uninstall Connect and then reinstall it from .

ASCN-159 - The default string for the resume_suffix value in aspera.conf files is now .aspera-resume.

ASCN-141 - A problem has been fixed in which it was not possible to download files from inside certain Unicode folders.

ASCN-128 - A number of issues with Japanese translations have been fixed.

ASCN-116 - [Safari only] When you drag-and-drop files with the .rtfd, .prefPane, and .sparsebundle extensions into a drop zone, Connect now correctly recognizes the drop event.

ASCN-113 - When transfer content is encrypted, Connect now prompts you for the passphrase only once.

ASCN-112 - [Mac OS X only] Transfers with a target path that contained a Unicode character could fail.

ASCN-100 - If a transfer contains multiple files, the transfer status of each file transferred is available through the Connect API.

ASCN-94 - [Windows only] To prevent possible crashes in Internet Explorer 11, the Connect installer now closes all browsers before you install the application.

ASCN-69 - [Mac OS X only] When you install Connect on Mac OS X 10.6, the version downloaded and installed is Connect 3.6.1, the latest supported version for that platform.

ASCN-48 - [Firefox only] Mozilla has announced that Firefox will drop plugin (NPAPI) support in the first quarter of 2017. In anticipation of this change, Connect can now operate without the NPAPI plugin. The Connect installer does install the NPAPI plugin for cases when the plugin is needed for servers running older versions of the Connect SDK.

ASCN-43 - [Mac OS X only] For better compatibility in system-wide installations, the Connect installer now uses the environment variable $HOME instead of the tilde symbol (~).

ASCN-39 - [Windows only] On multi-user computers, if too many Connect instances are running, Connect no longer immediately quits after launch; when it must quit, it first displays a notification. (CIM-70)

ASCN-36 - If you are not using token authentication, the password was visible in the Connect logfile. (CIM-58)

ASCN-21 - If your transfer server is configured for content protection=true, Connect did not support transfers when the wrong password is entered.


Note: If you use Connect with the IBM Aspera Add-in for Microsoft Outlook, you must upgrade to the latest release of the Outlook Add-in before installing and using this release of Connect.
  • OS: Windows 7, 8, or 10. Windows Server 2008 r2 or 2012.
  • Browser: Firefox 27-50, Chrome 32-55, Internet Explorer 8 and 9 (with limitations), Internet Explorer 10-11, or Microsoft Edge (EdgeHTML versions 12.10240 and 13.10586).
    Note: Drag-and-drop is not supported on the Edge browser at this time.
Mac OS X
  • OS: Mac OS X 10.7 through 10.12.
  • Browser: Firefox 27-50, Chrome 32-55, or Safari 6-10.


Mac OS X: AsperaConnectInstaller-SystemWide-
md5: b4dc79d67f9024394db9385ac8d5847e
sha1: 30dd7424d2f1f273bea3bdbef5f80f03f11234c4
Windows: AsperaConnect-ML-
md5: df2d3f57c0f62e8a5ce1e54e492ab245
sha1: 0bfa2f62244295ae6f37cd3415c650530a6f6f48


Note: This release was developed using two different issue-tracking systems. For this reason, the list below uses two different formats for issue numbers.
  • ASCN-134 - If Always ask me where to save downloaded files is selected, and if the user has never changed the default location for downloaded content, the default download location remains the Desktop (rather than changing to the Downloads folder).
  • ASCN-119 - When the default debugging level is set to Info, Connect adds DBG entries to its logs.
  • ASCN-117 - The Microsoft Edge browser may at times not recognize Connect. When Edge communicates with a server in the same private network, or with a Trusted Site, it enables a loopback check, and so is unable to communicate with Connect. Workaround: Aspera has documented the issue and a solution in the following Knowledge Base article:
  • ASCN-89 - [Firefox on Mac OS X] Under certain circumstances, Firefox may open several Launch Application dialog windows. Workaround: To avoid this problem, select the Remember my choice for fasp links checkbox in one of the Launch Application dialogs and click Open link.
  • ASCN-32 - [Chrome only] The JAWS screen reader cannot read the message in the Faspex web application that asks permission to launch Connect in order to start uploads. The issue stems from an aspect of the Chrome browser.
  • #34277 - [Mac OS X only] If your system has a proxy configured, you must install Connect with administrator privileges.
  • #33004 - [Windows 10 only] When filenames contain Nepali script, they do not display correctly in Connect's Transfers window. Other Unicode characters do display correctly.
  • #32938 - [Mac OS X only] If an administrator has a single-user Connect installation, standard users on that computer may be able to launch the administrator's Connect application, but it will not be recognized by that user's browsers. To address this, either
    • Have the administrator perform a system-wide installation (instead of a single-user installation).


    • Have the standard users perform their own single-user installations.
  • #32908 - Connect can display an unnecessary proxy configuration dialog.
  • #32825 - [Mac OS X 10.6 only] On OS X 10.6 with Firefox 41, the Connect browser plug-in crashes when pages are loaded that use it.
  • #32716 - In Chrome 45 and higher, the browser may not detect that a previous version of Connect is installed. You can follow the steps to download and install Connect.
  • #32446 - [Windows only] If you perform a system-wide installation of Connect, Aspera recommends that you not use the built-in Administrator account for this installation. The built-in Administrator account includes privilege settings that are too high, resulting in various issues in Connect capabilities. Most importantly, your users will not be able to drag and drop files in the Connect interface, in any browser. Instead of the built-in Administrator account, Aspera recommends that you use a different administrator account for system-wide installation.
  • #32258 - [Windows only] In Internet Explorer, drag-and-drop actions work for files, but not for folders.
  • #32159 - [Windows 10 only] In Aspera Shares 1.9.1 or older, the button to install Connect may not display correctly. To install Connect in these cases, download the Connect installer from and then run it.


For on-line support resources for Aspera products, including raising new support tickets, please visit the Aspera Support Portal. Note that you may have an existing account if you contacted the Aspera support team in the past. Before creating a new account, first try setting a password for the email that you use to interact with us. You may also call one of our regional support centers.