Aspera Console 1.4 Release Notes
Version 1.4.0
August 5, 2009
What's New
  • General
    • Displays of tabular data now expand to fill available browser width
    • Transfer history now filtered by current user security settings (i.e. changes to permissions are now retroactive)
  • Simple Transfers
    • Advanced transfer options now configurable (e.g. overwrite policy, UDP port, block sizes)
    • Schedule transfers to happen at a particular date and time
    • Support for SSH keys for file browsing and transfer initiation
  • Smart Transfers
    • Advanced transfer options now configurable, both for transfer as a whole and for individual destinations within a transfer
    • Users can be allowed to change destination directory at start time
    • Users can be allowed to remove destinations at start time
    • Scheduled transfers, both one-time and repeating
    • Support for SSH keys for file browsing and transfer initiation
  • Transfer File Browser
    • Create directories, delete items, rename items from browser
  • Activity Section
    • Improved table format
    • Filter transfers based on contact or start of filename
    • Rerun transfers that were started from Console
    • Start and cancel transfers that were scheduled from Console
  • Node Configuration
    • SSH key support for configuration login
    • Configure scheduled vlinks (bandwidth scheduling)
    • Option to automatically configure node to connect to console
    • Option to restart asperacentral process after making configuration changes that require it
    • Option to remove transfers that got stuck in active state after node gets shut down or blocked
  • Reports
    • File-level reports added, including one to support billing
    • Additional sorting and filtering options
  • Email Notifications
    • Support for multiple email templates, selectable per recipient
    • Configure "From" address and name on a per-template basis
    • All email options now configurable from browser
  • Console Configuration
    • Configure email server information and send test emails from browser
    • Upload and manage SSH keys for shared endpoints
    • Configurable cookie parsing rules to support custom applications and transfer descriptions
    • Empty session cleanup now configurable from browser
    • Upload custom map background
    • SSH and transfer submission timeouts now configurable from browser
Fixed Issues
  • Service start timeout issue on slow Windows systems.
  • Daemons failing to stop on Linux systems.
  • Deprecation warnings filling background process output file
  • Compatibility problems with certain SMTP servers
  • Orphaned records caused by session cleanup
  • Slow performance when displaying transfers with 100,000+ files
  • Transfers failing on nodes with nonstandard SSH port
Known Issues
  • Solaris 9.x nodes
    • Node browsing and configuration incompatible with the SSH server shipped with Solaris 9.x
      Workaround: Install OpenSSH or upgrade Solaris to version 10.x
  • Session detail screen
    • "Search files:" filter does not work with Unicode characters