Release Notes: Aspera Cargo 1.5.5
Release Notes: Aspera Cargo 1.5.5

Release Notes: Aspera Cargo 1.5.5

Product Release: June 20, 2016
Release Notes Updated: June 20, 2016


Welcome to this release of IBM Aspera Cargo. Cargo 1.5.5 includes updates to CargoD, the Cargo headless daemon.


Your Faspex server must have a license enabled for Cargo.

Mac OS X: 10.8+, Intel only

Note: After installing Cargo, you must edit the Cargo configuration file. For details, see the Aspera Cargo User Guide.


Mac OS X: AsperaCargoDInstaller-SystemWide-
md5: 25a7f158027e26a7ee0240c9b15a8252
sha1: ef48ec9cfed68841262e9cacdd293fd6301e6b05


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