Release Notes: IBM Aspera Orchestrator 2.4.0
Release Notes: IBM Aspera Orchestrator 2.4.0

Release Notes: IBM Aspera Orchestrator 2.4.0

Product Release: March 4, 2016
Release Notes Updated: March 4, 2016


This release of IBM Aspera Orchestrator for Windows and Linux provides the following new features:

New Features

  • API
    • The new API call work_orders_list enables the filtering of API calls based on work order status.
    • The monitor_snapshots API call has been updated with remote nodes and Work Orders.
    • JSON response is now supported for all API calls.
    • An API key is now automatically generated for all users.

  • Dashboards and Portlets
    • The connect portlet now has token-based authentication rather than SSH-based authentication.

  • Queues
    • The Execution Queue web page has been improved to support pagination.
    • The Resource Manager plugin has Queue_id as optional runtime input.

  • Plugin Manager
    • There is now a one-click option to uninstall unused plugins from the UI.

  • Plugins
    • Users are now able to send AMQP messages to an exchange, not just to a queue.
    • The Journal plugin supports writing into Journal Books.
    • There is new plugin to parse an XML file or XML string using XPath.
    • There are new plugins that integrate with the following third-party products: SGL FlashNet Archiving System, Xytech MediaPulse, Emotion Engine, CatDV database, and Marquis Medway
  • User Accounts
    • Orchestrator UI now exposes the scrambled encrypted password.
    • The Accounts > Permissions screen view has been improved to show the various categories of permissions, and to provide filtering by Type, User and Group.
    • Orchestrator now validates password strength on user login passwords, per the follow criteria:
      • Password must be at least eight characters long, with at least one lower case letter, one upper case letter, one number, and one symbol character.
      • While resetting the password, user cannot choose from the previous three passwords.
      • After a specified number (default is 3) of unsuccessful attempts to login with an incorrect password, the user account becomes inactive.

  • Workflow and Workflow Designer
    • The new API Demo page is available in the Workflows view.
    • There is now an icon in the Map Inputs and Map Outputs screens which indicates whether or not preprocessing or postprocessing has been done on the step. The icon displays when the workflow is published.
    • There is a new feature to duplicate steps in the workflow designer.

  • Work Orders
    • View by workflow is now the default.
    • A filtering option has been added to the bulk restart; the user now has the ability to choose between workOrderStatus and workStepStatus.

  • General
    • There are now Activate All and Deactivate All buttons in Monitor > Workflows, which makes it easy to stop operations when taking snapshots or performing downtime activities.
    • All of the methods supported by asctl can now be run as rake tasks.
    • A new Capsule Manager view lists all of the available capsules. The user can view, delete, and archive the desired capsule. The Import and Ingest Capsules options have been moved from the Engine view to this one.
    • Users can now view global Orchestrator parameters from orchestrator.yml in Configuration view.


#34673 - Snapshot is not working on Windows.

#34629 - In Workflow Designer, unchecking a carry-through value does not persist.

#34645 - Windows installation uses the old branding.

#34569 - Snapshot does not import data into the remote mySQL database.

#34478 - An attempt to import a remote node with an incorrect name fails without providing a useful error message or redirecting the user.

#34477 - The Task and Logoff buttons overlap in the display.

#34411 - Journal Value or Composite Mapping fails when the file field is used.

#34345 - The Monitor WorkOrder log keeps throwing ALERT logs, even when no work orders are under execution.

#34241 - New IBM Aspera license causes the the footer layout in the workflow designer to break; the new Aspera license date format causes the licensing error.

#34240 - When many Work Orders are initiated at the same time and the workflow is throttled, those Work Orders are put in READY state and never revived.

#34320 - The Faspex delivery plugin fails to create a package if no tags are specified in the answer from the API.

#34149 - Orchestrator plugins are missing help files.

#34120 - The labeling of the new relaunch screen is misleading.

#34095 - There is no Cancel option for custom_trigger.

#34087 - There are cases where due to high load on the server, the time to initialize a work order is very long (within a local file watcher plugin).

#34075, #34251 - The Journals plugin and Journals View portlet have the following issues:

  • The Show Package page returns an error. Even when not displayed on click, it gives the message, "entries deleted".
  • Filtering with Journals is not working.

#34072 - Workflow Import with Journal Book info is not working properly.

#34052 - The tables added from the 2.3.0 release are missing in Snapshot.

#33989 - When two OR statements from different steps merge at a step (creating an AND), the mapping disappears and there is an exception in the backend without an alert in the workflow designer.

#33977 - The workflow_details API gives incorrect results

#33973 - When adding the remote node and testing the connection to the node, the password for the node is displayed as readable text in orchestrator.log.

#33951 - The Work Order starts but remains in an initializing state.

#33944 - The Engine does not start automatically upon license validation

#33930 - Cancelling a work_order from the API method changes its status to failed instead of cancelled.

#33927 - When a user misspells the API method name or enters a nonexistent API method, the user is redirected to the login page.

#33904 - Zooming out the Workflow designer display causes the tab bar to become misaligned.

#33903 - When too many dashboard pages are configured, the Dashboard tab display is misaligned.

#33899 - API calls do not provide exit codes other than 200 (HTTP OK).

#32752 - If there is an error when the user opens a plugin, Orchestrator sometimes logs out automatically.

#32699 - The Journal log entry plugin does not allow the user to choose which Journal Book to write the log into.

#32339 - For large workflows, when scrolled to the right, the context menu (right-clicks or double-clicks) appears in the left side of the workflow.

#31792 - The user is redirected to the workflow root page when the core parameters are changed in the designer.

#31610 - In Engine > Log Viewer, an exported, zipped log cannot be opened in Windows.

#31388 - Workflow scheduling is broken for certain scenarios; for example, a workflow scheduled to execute on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday fails.

#31019 - An improper license filename is not correctly validated or renamed when uploaded using the UI.

#21738 - Log export fails while the page is still loading the log.


Windows 64-bit: Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2012 and later
Browsers: Microsoft Edge, Firefox 27–44, and Google Chrome 40–49

Linux 64-bit: RHEL 6.0-6.7, 7.0-7.2; CentOS 6.0-6.7, 7.0-7 (1511)
Browsers: Firefox 27–44, Safari 6–9, and Google Chrome 40–49


Linux 64-bit (rpm): aspera-orchestrator-
md5: 7b22f742a81dc60207c1c9f26874de24
sha1: 4cb616384f5aff782c40ec9913a030c5d3846076
Windows: AsperaOrchestratorSetup-
md5: c40122552b4e1f20fc69f03bb37631f1
sha1: c4342af6585ba50a8c67c5f391f94fa72f2c81eb


#32562 - In the current implementation of Custom Action it is not possible to return a float; if the output type is set to Numeric/Integer, the value is rounded off. For example, for outputfloat_element=6.5, the actual output will be 6.

#32154 - In a local file operation move, files are deleted from the source, when the destination storage is inaccessible.

#31837 - The remote file watcher detects files multiple times if the SSH connection is lost while a folder_scan is running.

#31730, #31727, #31724 - Directory service users with unsupported characters in their username, such as an ampersand ("&") or a space, receive the following incorrect error messaging:
  • If they attempt a login, the login fails without generating an error message.
  • If another user logs out, and then this directory service user attempts to log in from the same browser window, the message, "You need to login before you can view that page" is shown.

#31630 - Currently, if MySQL is stopped, the setup errors out, instead of exiting with a meaningful error message.

#31588 - Workflows which do not contain any steps can be saved successfully, without any warnings or errors.

#31495 - When a Vantage plugin submission or workflow fails during execution, the step status returns a generic error, "Job not submitted to Vantage" or "Vantage returned status as: Failed", instead of the specific error.

#31350 - Because FFMPEG asks for overwriting (which is not currently enabled as an option), it fails if the file already exists.

#31265 - When the user shrinks a page horizontally, the text of the various menu headings overlaps and become difficult to read.

#31263 - The Update License dialog does not have a Cancel button.Workaround: use the back arrow in the browser.

#30741 - The current layout in the modal window (reached by clicking the file journal portlet) does not allow the user to see the entirety of a very long file path.

#30723 - If a step completes or fails with a status details string that contains unusual characters, the step goes into error.

#27069 - Keyword search does not work in the journaling portlet -- an empty popup window appears.

#26730 - When MySQL log files become quite large, Orchestrator may have a system failure.

#26058 - In the Remote Execution plugin, when special characters are entered in std_out, the execution may break.

#26054 - In the workflow designer, workflow outputs include references to a deleted step (when the outputs of that step are used as inputs in other steps).

#19638 - The pause of the sub-workflow step does not seem to work; it stays at pausing, and sometimes returns to in progress.


For on-line support resources for Aspera products, including raising new support tickets, please visit the Aspera Support Portal. Note that you may have an existing account if you contacted the Aspera support team in the past. Before creating a new account, first try setting a password for the email that you use to interact with us. You may also call one of our regional support centers.