IBM Aspera Shares 1.9.3 Release Notes
IBM Aspera Shares 1.9.3 Release Notes

IBM Aspera Shares 1.9.3 Release Notes

Product Release: February 5, 2016
Release Notes Updated: September 16, 2016

This release of IBM Aspera Shares 1.9.3 for Windows and Linux provides the new features, fixes, and other changes listed below.


  • Upgrade: (Windows only) Default certificate files (cert.key and cert.pem) are now preserved on upgrades.
  • Upgrade: (Windows only) When upgrading from Shares 1.9.3 to future versions, the database.yml and persistence.xml files are preserved.
  • SAML: Shares now supports OAuth 2 tokens with SAML API requests.
  • SAML: You can now configure the fingerprint algorithm for the SAML Identity Provider Configuration page (Admin > Accounts > Directories and click Edit for SAML Identity Provider).
  • SAML: Improved SAML functionality for logging in with usernames containing special characters.
  • SAML: SAML users are now affected by session timeouts configured in Shares.
  • Home Shares: Admins can disable home shares for individual users.
  • Email Templates: The Transfer Completed email template now supports the share_path and node_path variables to list the full path of the destination directory relative to share or node docroots.
  • Rake Tasks: Improved performance for certain rake tasks.
  • Rake Tasks: New rake tasks to create SAML users and groups and to fetch LDAP user and group data.
  • UI: The total count of entries (files and folders) is displayed when browsing the current directory in a share or a node.
  • Nginx: Updated Nginx for better SSL support.
  • Nginx: Nginx now supports IPv6. You can access the Shares server by entering an IPv6 address in a browser.
  • Security: Upgrades to Ruby 2.0.0, Java 8, and OpenSSL 1.0.1r.
  • Security: Documented steps to strengthen Shares server by removing support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1 See "Configuring Shares" > "Configure Security" in the Aspera Shares Administrator Guide.
  • API: Verbose headers are disabled when running curl -I https://shares/


If you are upgrading from a previous release, the following changes for this release may require you to adjust your workflow, configuration, or usage.

  • Shares 1.9.3 requires version 3.6.1 of the Aspera Connect Browser Plug-In. You can install or upgrade to the latest version of the Connect Browser Plug-In when prompted by Shares or by downloading the installer from the website at
  • Shares 1.9.3 and later require a transfer server (Enterprise Server, Connect Server, Point to Point, or Aspera Client) version 3.6 or later to establish a connection to Shares. Trying to connect with an older version using the transfer server GUI fails with the error Could not generate DH keypair. Workaround: Aspera highly recommends upgrading to fix this issue as the latest product version maintain best security practices. Follow the instructions in this Knowledge Base article for a temporary workaround:



#31374 - (Windows Only) Shares does not send a transfer notification when content is uploaded to a docroot with a specific network path.

#31269 - SMTP server configured to check status every five seconds instead of using the configured timeout.

#29552 - Shares stats-collector displays an error when working with nodes that are configured for tlsv1 or tlsv1.1.

#29543 - (Windows Only) Shares displays an SSL error when adding a node with ssl_protocol set to tlsv1.1 or tlsv1.2.

#25470 - Shares mail notifications are stalled due to stat collector database errors.

#25001 - Stats collector is blocked when purging a large database.


IBM Aspera Enterprise Server licensed with Connect Server 3.6.0+.
IBM Aspera Connect Browser Plug-In 3.6.1+

Windows 64-bit: 2008 R2, 2012 R2

Linux 64-bit: RHEL/CentOS 6 & 7

Browsers: Internet Explorer 8-11, Firefox 27-45, Safari 6-9, Google Chrome 32-48


Linux 64-bit (rpm): aspera-shares-
md5: 2d5f7198a374718b16c76a3261ea667d
sha1: 5bcf8cfd6df1e7a74139933ca11612bf0d2d728e
Windows: AsperaShares-
md5: 1626759c6b235f9be35c2aad4f942ca4
sha1: a408b4dfe21aebfe889b3a321c7ccf4fe4f9a7ae


#29575 - If a share's name has a forward slash ("/") in it, this share cannot sync with Aspera Drive. The sync action fails, with a "Path not found" error. Transfers between these shares using the API also fail with a "Path not found" error.

#28359 - SSLv3 is disabled by default to address a security threat. If you are using an older version of Aspera Drive (pre-1.2.0), upgrade Drive to the latest version.

#27371 - ADFS SAML users running Chrome on a Windows machine are currently unable to log in. Workaround: Turn off "Extended Protection" in ADFS SAML IdP. Doing so at first produces random ADFS SAML user login failures with an "Invalid SAML response" error and infinite redirects upon login; but in the longer term, this does fix the problem.

#27228 - If the node is set to use EAR, downloading multiple encrypted files/folders or a single folder with encrypted files does not prompt for a password.

#27218 - If Shares is set to use EAR, HTTP fallback download of unencrypted content fails with numerous errors. Common errors include: "Insufficient permissions", "Server refused request", and "Connection Lost" errors.

#27188 - If Shares is set to use EAR, downloading a file that was not encrypted will ask for a passphrase.

#27187 - If the node is set to use Encryption-at-Rest (EAR) but Shares is not set to use EAR, downloading content that is a mix of encrypted files, unencrypted files, and files encrypted with a different password does not prompt the user for a password.

#25139 - For Shares servers that are installed on Windows, performing a share-to-share drag-and-drop transfer from a share that does not support share-to-share will trigger an "Internal error".

#25041 - Due to changes made by Google to its mail server’s handling of images in email (Dec 2013), the Aspera Shares logo is not displayed in email notifications. Customers not using a gmail server do not encounter this problem.

#18579 - If you perform a search for remote groups that start with backslash (\) or asterisk (*), Shares cannot find them.

#15396 - The transfer fails when you attempt to download special files like symlinks, block and character device files, socket, and so on.

#14532 - The transfer rate and encryption settings in Shares can be circumvented by users if they manually change the FASP URL before submitting. Workaround: In order to enforce the settings, set the desired values in the aspera.conf file on the node.

#12883 - When searching (browsing) recursively, the sort parameter is ignored.


For on-line support resources for Aspera products, including raising new support tickets, please visit the Aspera Support Portal. Note that you may have an existing account if you contacted the Aspera support team in the past. Before creating a new account, first try setting a password for the email that you use to interact with us. You may also call one of our regional support centers.