IBM Aspera Orchestrator 2.3.5 Release Notes

IBM Aspera Orchestrator 2.3.5 Release Notes

  • Product Release: Dec 23, 2015
  • Release Notes Updated: Dec 23, 2015


This release of IBM Aspera Orchestrator 2.3.5 for Linux and Windows provides the following new features:

  • Native installer packages are now available for Linux (.rpm) and Windows (.exe).
  • Continued performance improvements for high concurrency environments.
  • Newer API methods to interact with Orchestrator features.
  • Support for authentication with multiple Active Directory or LDAP servers.
  • Adds support to monitor connectivity to remote nodes and monitor a work order and subsequently trigger another work order.

Additional Major New Features

  • API
    • New, easier REST API URL.
    • Added a REST APIs for searching a Queue and re-ordering an item in Queue.
    • Added a REST APIs for retrieving user task list and submitting a user task.
    • JSON support for most API calls.
  • Dashboards & Portlets
    • Connect Portlet now supports aspera-web4 JS API.
    • Ability to auto activate dashboard pages upon assignment.
    • Portlet pages will not refresh when refresh rate is negative.
  • Queues
    • Queues now display the number of items in the queue.
    • Queues can now be auto purged.
    • Queues can now be exported and imported.
  • Monitors
    • Added new Monitor for monitoring remote nodes.
    • Added new Monitor for monitoring work orders and triggering another work order based on status - thus providing ability to chain monitors during runtime execution.
    • Added export and import capability to all types of monitors.
  • Plugin Manager
    • Many new plugins to clients build deeper automation in their eco system. Notable plugins below.
      • Input Manipulations: Allows extraction of elements from an array or hash.
      • Shared State: Allows persist and retrieval of data from Shared State table.
      • FFProbe: Allows media file examination via ffprobe binary.
      • Ateme Transcoding: Ability to transcode video files via Ateme Titan File.
      • ShowMgr: Allows interaction with ShowMgr software via REST API.
    • Sub Workflow and User Input plugin executions will not be affected by the next polling frequency of the Engine.
  • User Accounts
    • Support for Multiple AD configuration.
    • Improvements to AD integration in general - better exception handling, better error reporting.
  • Workflows and Workflow Designer
    • Users can now select all variables in the map outputs screen and values persist now upon workflow publish.
    • Dragging and dropping a step on to the canvas defaults the step name to "New plugin step". Previously the value was "undefined".
    • Journals screen can now be accessed under the Workflows tab.
  • Workflow Designer
    • You can now select all variables in the map outputs screen.
    • Retry on Failure or Retry on Error requires the step to connect to Failure or Error endpoint, respectively. Users are warned if they miss the mapping.
    • A new designer option (a grey grid) is available for users to choose in the designer dropdown list.
  • Work Orders and Entitlements
    • Allows editing of work step status, status details and output values from Work Step details screen.
    • Bulk Restart feature optimizations such has limitation number of jobs run in UI process, confirmation pop-ups, showing count of job and a help screen.
    • New entitlement "WorkOrder:view" to allow users with the privilege to see the Work-orders tab.
    • Entitlement "WorkOrder:edit" makes work order reset available to user with privilege.
    • Entitlement "WorkOrder:run" makes work order re-launch available to user with privilege.
    • Log entries for work-step cancel, pause and resume.
    • Exposes work-order label on main work order page and on work order detail.
  • General
    • Orchestrator GUI access redirects to HTTPS.
    • Maintenance interval for engine uses either time-based or Heartbeat based, saving systems from non-maintenance during peak load.
    • Engine has a protection to restart stalled order when possible.
    • Support for preload of workflows, monitors, plugins and dashboards during engine start up.
    • New screen to configure values of Orchestrator.yml file from the GUI.
    • In Windows installation, the folder locations have changed. Refer to the Admin for details.
    • New screen to configure values of Orchestrator.yml file from the GUI.
    • Reduction in number of MySQL Deadlock errors - execution queue access changed to avoid possible deadlocks.


  • RPM Installer post script fixed to not break under upgrades and un-installs.
  • Engine should not restart workers killed on timeout as Manager process is doing the restarting.
  • Multiple monitors could not added to a monitor groups.
  • Fixes issue with using database.yml from var/config/orchestrator.
  • Fixes support for work-step cancel.
  • Fixes issues in asynchronous workers logic - preventing them to pull a next step to poll when a step is currently being polled by other worker.
  • On Journals page, the package view was broken due to a missing file.
  • Bug fixes in filter work order and group assigned tasks portlets..
  • Restores ability to pre-authenticate API requests.
  • Manager no longer restarts Mongrels when GUI operations take longer than usual - Fixes for proxy errors during snapshots taken from the GUI; work order filter on large data; reload all plugins.
  • Fix for plugin reload operations not propagating to other ports.
  • Fix for taking a snapshot from the GUI.
  • Fix for taking a snapshot from the command line.
  • Fix for the step information hash (in the Workflow designer) being populated at runtime execution of a workflow.
  • Fixes in plugin manager for showing available plugins and upgrading all (upgradable) plugins.
  • Fix for dashboard pages where users see "Access denied".
  • Fix in Workflow designer, for right click to function and show context menu, when text is edited in Map Inputs screen.
  • Replace TCP connectivity test by OS ping for remote node ping test.
  • Generate all Orchestrator.yml configuration items for windows environment.
  • Multiple plugin enhancements and bug fixes are also available as part of this release. Notable fixes below.
  • FASP Transfer plugin exposes file exclusion pattern in SOAP request; downloads files from Faspex when web_root is not /aspera/faspex.
  • Rest Request plugin exposes request headers in step outputs; saves response body into a file.
  • RSS Plugin allows feed validation to be disabled; allows option to only pick new items.
  • Lookup table does not fail in importing an exported CSV.
  • Faspex Inbox Watcher does not fail when Faspex server is under maintenance; uses the new Faspex API recently released.
  • Elemental Transcoder and iTunes Transport plugins were shipped with incorrect versions.
  • All error messages now appear in Red font in the GUI.
  • Mongrels on Windows do not restart continuously as in previous releases.
  • Workflow designer fails when machine does not include a MAC address.
  • Fix for HA installations where ACM and Orchestrator manager were accessing the same file and failure to get the lock led to Orchestrator being restarted. .


#31312 - Upgrading the common components from version 1.2.9 to any newer version deletes the /usr/bin/asctl link. Workaround: Manually create the symlink for asctl at /usr/bin/asctl from /opt/aspera/common/asctl/asctl.

# 21738 - Log export fails while the page is still loading the log.

# 32304 - Having a "\" in the input values of a step causes the workflow designer to not load.

# 33899 - API calls do not provide exit codes other than 200 (HTTP OK).

# 32339 - For large workflows, when scrolled to the right, the context menu (right clicks or double clicks) appears in the left side of the workflow.

# 33904 - Workflow designer when zoomed out display causes tabular display to be misaligned.

# 33903 - When too many dashboard pages are configured the Dashboard tab display is misaligned.

# 33944 - Engine does not start automatically upon license validation.


Linux 64-bit: RHEL/CentOS 6.x

Windows 64-bit: Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2012

Browsers: Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 27+, Safari 6+, Google Chrome 40+


Linux 64-bit: aspera-orchestrator-
            md5: ee70fe03ebdabeb8abc4bfa114f4d510
            sha1: 36a1aa819b1089922841c19e88754e0b47e7e2ef
Windows 64-bit: AsperaOrchestratorSetup-
            md5: 2a3a81c2e1f80b448af71f8b4c306d47
            sha1: 118d72c01334cd5a0106228f4ffc11f006f09a0d


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