IBM Aspera Orchestrator 2.3.0 Release Notes
IBM Aspera Orchestrator 2.3.0 Release Notes

IBM Aspera Orchestrator 2.3.0 Release Notes

  • Product Release: June 26, 2015
  • Release Notes Updated: June 26, 2015


This release of IBM Aspera Orchestrator 2.3.0 for Linux provides the following new features:

  • Native installer packages are now available for Linux (.rpm).
  • Major performance improvements for high concurrency environments.
  • Orchestrator now supports bulk workflow operations (move in and out of folder; and delete).
  • Orchestrator now supports the asctl unified command line operation utility.
  • Orchestrator now logs entries for access attempts and signing-off.

Additional Major New Features

  • API
    • Most API calls now support JSON (previously, only XML was supported).
    • Added a sub-workorder ID to the work_order_status API call in the details for the sub-workflow step.
    • In the Work Order status JSON API, a new parameter called Category has been added.
    • Added a REST API for retrieving the content of a queue.
  • Dashboards
    • Improved dashboards for workflow and work-step management and performance statistics.
    • Improved dashboards for user and group assignments.
    • Dashboards can now be reordered.
  • Journaling
    • Multiple custom Journals allow for per-workflow partitioning.
    • Journaling has been integrated into the Workflow Designer.
  • Monitors
    • You can now group Monitors to configure multiple Monitors at once.
  • Plugin Manager
    • Added feature to disable unused plugins.
    • Added feature to browse revision history for all plugins.
  • Portlets
    • Portlets now support graphs and other interactive components for portlets.
    • Portlets now support permission enforcement.
  • User Accounts
    • Orchestrator 2.3.0 does not allow users to have blank or empty passwords. All user accounts with no password (or a blank password) are redirected upon login to a change-password page, to set their passwords.
    • Admins can enforce a "change password on next login" on any users.
  • Workflow
    • Some look and feel changes in the Workflow Design screen.
    • Workflow importing and exporting has been improved to better handle sub-workflows.
  • Workflow Designer
    • You can now select all variables in the map outputs screen.
    • Retry on Failure or Retry on Error requires the step to connect to Failure or Error endpoint, respectively. Users are warned if they miss the mapping.
    • A new designer option (a grey grid) is available for users to choose in the designer dropdown list.
  • Work Orders
    • You can now configure bulk restarts of work orders.
    • You can now create tags to group work orders according to customizable rules.
  • General
    • All error messages now appear in red text, while notifications appear in green.


  • Cancel and Destroy operations in the Work Order management screen now only apply to work orders in the current filter's scope.
  • When installing or enabling a plugin, Orchestrator now automatically reloads the plugin.
  • The work orders destroy and purged are now made asynchronously to avoid freezing the screen when a large number of items are in the scope.
  • Fixed the month-ahead and month-before arrows' behavior on the date picker.
  • The test button to test plugins has been fixed.
  • Added a confirmation to the clear and delete buttons for queues.
  • Fixed the work order launch page, to remove duplicates in the workflow list.
  • Added fixes for a cross-scripting vulnerability.
  • Fixed issues with initiating REST API work order calls using the new syntax.
  • Inputs and outputs can now be identified in the work step details screen as inputs and outputs to be carried throughout the workflow.
  • Fixed a cloning bug when a fan-out step has its error or fail states connected to other steps.
  • (Linux) Uploaded portlets are now installed in the var/config filepath.
  • Configuring Orchestrator through asctl commands no longer requires you to restart Orchestrator.
  • Fixed the import dependencies screen that, in previous releases, did not have a layout with plugin icons and a link to the Plugin Manager to install missing plugins.
  • Fixed an issue in Remote Node that caused update scenarios to break if either the password or certificate was removed.
  • Fixed an issue in which Remote Nodes were deleted even if they were in use in monitors.
  • Fixed an issue in which non-admin users could not deactivate themselves.


#31312 - Upgrading the common components from version 1.2.9 to any newer version deletes the /usr/bin/asctl link. Workaround: Installing Console or Orchestrator after upgrading the common components will recreate the missing link during the installation process.


Linux 64-bit: RHEL/CentOS 6 & 7

Browsers: Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 27+, Safari 6+, Google Chrome 32+


Linux 64-bit: aspera-orchestrator-
md5: 9adb84d9a32e694437b81938a0133f73
sha1: daf5fe1d0a8f0779a577e360fc69880cbf9a3f4e


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