IBM Aspera Shares 1.9.1 Release Notes
IBM Aspera Shares 1.9.1 Release Notes

IBM Aspera Shares 1.9.1 Release Notes

  • Product Release Date: February 18, 2015
  • Release Notes Updated: May 29, 2015


This release of IBM Aspera Shares 1.9.1 for Linux (x64) and Windows (x64) provides the following new features:

  • Email Notifications: In users' personal preferences, users can choose whether to receive emails when they are authorized to a share and when a transfer is completed to a share. Administrators can set the default settings inherited by new accounts for these email notifications.
  • Email Notifications: Additional template substitution variables are available for the "Share Authorization Added" email template.
  • Email Notifications: Administrators can customize the SMTP connection timeout value from the Web UI.
  • Self-Registration: Administrators can choose to receive an email notification whenever there is a new self-registration request.
  • SAML: SAML groups are now supported in Shares.
  • SAML: When SAML is enabled, administrators have the option to decide whether users are directed to the SAML login page or the local login page.
  • Node Configuration: Administrators can redefine the HTTP Fallback port and change timeout options from the Node Configuration page.
  • Background Jobs: Two new background jobs purge old entries in the MySQL database.
  • Backup: The Shares UI and Nginx service remain available during backup.
  • UI: If there are >100 shares on the home page, the number of shares displayed will be capped at 100, and there will be a "See all" link. This link leads to the Search page, where the user can search for any available share.
  • UI: Search functionality has been added to more pages. Users can now be searched for by first or last name, in addition to by username.
  • Rake Tasks: Shares now supports additional rake tasks and new options for some existing rake tasks.
  • General UI and performance improvements.


#12883 - When searching (browsing) recursively, the sort parameter is ignored.

#14532 - The transfer rate and encryption settings in Shares can be circumvented by users if they manually change the fasp URL before submitting. Workaround: In order to enforce the settings, you need to set the desired values in the aspera.conf file on the node.

#15396 - The transfer fails when attempting to download special files like symlinks, block and character device files, socket, etc.

#18579 - If you perform a search for remote groups that start with backslash (\) or asterisk (*), Shares cannot find them.

#25041 - Due to changes made by Google to its mail server’s handling of images in email (Dec 2013), the Aspera Shares logo is not displayed in email notifications. Customers not using a gmail server will not encounter this problem.

#25139 - For Shares servers that are installed on Windows, performing a share-to-share drag&drop transfer from a share that doesn't support share-to-share will trigger an "Internal error".

#27187 - If the node is set to use Encryption-at-Rest (EAR) but the Shares is not set to use EAR, downloading content that is a mix of encrypted files, unencrypted files, and files encrypted with a different password doesn't prompt the user for a password.

#27188 - If Shares is set to use EAR, downloading a file that wasn't encrypted will ask for a passphrase.

#27218 - If Shares is set to use EAR, HTTP fallback download of unencrypted content fails with numerous errors. Common errors include: "Insufficient permissions", "Server refused request", and "Connection Lost" errors.

#27228 - If the node is set to use EAR, downloading multiple encrypted files/folders or a single folder with encrypted files doesn't prompt for a password.

#27371 - ADFS SAML users running Chrome 36.0 on a Windows machine are currently unable to login. Workaround: Turning off "Extended Protection" in ADFS SAML IdP will at first produce random ADFS SAML user login failures with "Invalid SAML response" error and infinite redirects on login, but will fix the problem long run.

#28359 - SSLv3 is disabled by default to address a security threat. If you are using an older version of Aspera Drive (pre-1.2.0), you must re-enable SSLv3 in Shares. Workaround: Add "SSLv3" to "ssl_protocols" in the nginx.conf configuration file. The nginx.conf file can be found at C:\shares\nginx\nginx.conf (Windows) or at /opt/aspera/shares/etc/nginx/nginx.conf (Linux).

#29530 - (Linux Only) Stats-collector displays an error when working with nodes that are configured for tlsv1 or tlsv1.1. Linux Shares works with nodes that are configured with tlsv1.2 or sslv3 only."

#29543 - (Windows Only) Shares displays an SSL error when adding a node with ssl_protocol set to tlsv1.1 or tlsv1.2.

#29580 - When shares names have forward slashes ("/") in them, these shares will not be able to sync with Aspera Drive and the sync will fail with a "Path not found" error. Transfers between these shares using the API will also fail with a "Path not found" error.


IBM Aspera Enterprise/Connect Server: A licensed version of 3.3+.

Note: The share-to-share transfers feature should be used with special build 3.4.32 or with 3.4.5+.

Linux 64-bit: RHEL/CentOS 6 & 7

Windows 64-bit: 2008R2, 2012 R2

Browsers: Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 27+, Safari 6+, Google Chrome 32+



Linux 64-bit: aspera-shares-

md5: be234de38f52e3916c07d1f2acae476a

sha1: 18c396ad9b0f67bfdf2a134d41f1b152d060c4c8

Windows 64-bit: AsperaShares-

md5: d9aab459793457fa844946fcbae6bd8d

sha1: a5c6614dc12c93548aa59cd3b65b1a29e5b60d6e



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