Aspera Shares 1.7.6 Release Notes

Aspera Shares 1.7.6 Release Notes

Product Release: Jun 30, 2014
Release Notes Updated: Jul 16, 2014


The Aspera Shares 1.7.6 release provides the following new features:

         Various security enhancements and bug fixes. Shares has also been fully verified through third-party security audits. .

         OpenSSL has been updated to 1.0.1h.

         The default SSL configuration (version, ciphers, and hashing) in the Nginx web server included with Shares has been updated to the latest security standards.

         For the Windows version, Nginx has been updated from 1.5.13 to 1.6.0.

         For Shares On Demand: HTTP fallback, Encryption at REST (fasp), and Encryption at REST (fallback) are fully supported for AWS S3 storage.

         Shares navigation has a new auto scroll bar for better navigation of long lists of shares.

         Improved checking of SAML mandatory fields. Shares now verifies all mandatory fields are present (SAML_SUBJECT, email, given_name, and id) and have valid values when a new user is added through SAML.

         Licensing: Shares On Demand now uses the automatic entitlement system like Enterprise Server.

         Licensing: If the Shares license expires or is invalid, the admin is still allowed to log in, but is taken directly to the license page. Admins can no longer use the product until a valid license is entered.

         The Shares API now supports passing the Shares user account to post-processing scripts (assuming Enterprise Server 3.4.5 or above) through a new TAGS environment variable available to post-processing. Shares uses the new ‘tags’ features in server versions 3.4.5 and 3.4.6 to set the user value, and ascp makes the TAGS variable available in the post-processing environment.


#25176 - HTTP fallback to a S3 configured node works.

#25733 - Cross-frame scripting attack vulnerability

#25737 - The secure flag is now enabled for all session cookies.

#25942 - Data migration is now more robust during upgrades.

#25955 - Warning messages about tags during install on SUSE.

#25992 - A domain name in a user email with more than four characters no longer produces an error.

#26013 - Autocomplete="off" has been added to password inputs.

#26208 - Fixed issue introduced in Shares 1.7.5  in email login link behavior for new user accounts.

#26223 - SAML_SUBJECT, email, given_name, and id are mandatory attributes required in SAML response, surname is optional

#26302 - Fixed the "Cannot transfer to same location" error when performing share-to-share transfers between shares that are on the same node, but linked to different transfer users with different docroots

#26391 - Fixed login errors generated by retries in share-to-share transfers.


#14519 - The path to a share (relative to a docroot) can be seen by a Shares user. For example, if a user tries to download /file_1 from a share at /docroot/share_dir/file_1, the fasp URL contains /share_dir/file_1 even though the user only knows the file as /file_1. The path /share_dir/file_1 can be seen in the AJAX response from Shares (part of the fasp URL) and in the Connect logs.

#25041 - Due to changes made by Google to its mail server’s handling of images in email (Dec 2013), the Aspera Shares logo is not displayed in email notifications. Customers not using a gmail server will not encounter this problem.


Enterprise/Connect Server: A licensed version of 3.3+. Note, if you wish to use the share-to-share feature, you need a licensed version of 3.4.6 or later.

Windows: 64-bit only: XP SP2, 2008, or 2008 R2 with .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, or 4.0.

Linux: 64-bit (RedHat or CentOS) with kernel 2.4 or higher and libc version GLIB 2.3.4+

Browser: Firefox 4+, Safari 5.1+, IE 7+, or Google Chrome


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Windows 64-bit: AsperaShares-

md5: c624b03450b65a2e152696e4721286f8

sha1: 73eabc63f1af80395f4388371a427fa52c3dbf32

Linux 64-bit:: aspera-shares-

md5: fc478da35a3849d7bf7447137aeee546

sha1: 128547bcf19bf8e4e5ec1a9c01eb129c555142c8


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