Aspera Drive 1.0.0 Release Notes

Product Release: May 8, 2014
Release Notes Updated: May 8, 2014


Welcome to the first GA release of Aspera Drive. Drive 1.0.0 provides the following features:

         Integrated desktop browsing of remote files

         Drag-and-drop high-speed upload and download from cloud storage and traditional storage

         Background file synchronization

         The sending and receiving of large files and data sets across global distances


#22384 - Aspera Drive Explorer: Cannot rename multiple files in a single action.

#22411 - Aspera Drive Explorer: Cannot drag files from a search executed in Aspera Drive Explorer window to another explorer window.

#22596 - Sync: Sometimes the Sync statistics do not show the total size of the files that were transferred.

#22771 - Aspera Drive Explorer: An error will be reported if you use the "Restore previous folder window at login" option on Aspera Drive Explorer windows.

#22789 - Aspera Drive Explorer View: Selecting undo in an Explorer window that is browsing a remote Aspera server window will undo the last action made in a non-remote Explorer window. Undo is not supported in the Aspera Drive Explorer view.

#22813 - Aspera Drive Explorer: Cannot drag files from a local zip file into an Aspera Drive Explorer window.

#23230 - Send To Faspex: Sending to usernames that contain certain characters will fail; that is, < > ; ( ) &

#23575 - Sync: The dialog to configure the Sync folders only displays the first 1000 folders.

#23723 - Sync: The synchronization feature does not use the proxy settings.

#24038 - Aspera Drive Explorer: If the server takes longer than 20 seconds to return the list of files, Explorer may fail to display all files within the folder.

#24950 - Aspera Drive Explorer View: Setting Explorer to Very Large icons mode may still only show Large icons instead of Very Large icons.

#24991 - Shares: Drive transfers do not obey server’s Policy allowed setting but do obey Starting Policy.

#25118 - Send to Faspex: Drive can send a package to Faspex even if Faspex is configured to require metadata.

#25209 - Configuration: Loading a configuration file that contains errors is not always reported as an error. Workaround: Load the configuration file and ensure the accounts are set up as expected.

#25368 - Sync: Renaming a local folder to the same name but a different case can cause the directory to be deleted. Workaround: Rename local folder to different name and allow it to synchronize. Then rename it to the original name but corrected case.

#25414 - Send to Faspex: Entering a note larger than 8000 characters will give an internal server error.

#25421 - Explorer: Sometimes when adding new accounts, the Explorer window does not update correctly to show new account folders. Workaround: Close and reopen the Explorer window.

#25448 - If you associate a new Drive account with a non-default sync directory that already contains a desktop.ini file, Explorer will display an incorrect name for the folder, such as “Users”.

#25460 - Explorer: Using the Favorite link to get to the Drive Inbox may show a regular icon instead of the Faspex Inbox icon at the bottom of the Explorer Window.

#25550 - Uninstall: Sometimes after an uninstall and reinstall, the Favorites and accounts are not correctly configured. Workaround: You should either select both or neither one of the following options when uninstalling drive, "Remove all Apsera Drive user preferences" and "Remove all Aspera Drive Favorites"

#25637 - Remote View: A drag-and-drop transfer with many of files may fail if the request takes longer than 20 seconds. Workaround: Drag the top-level folder instead of the individual files.

#25741 - Send To Faspex: Drop boxes are not supported.

#25743 - Sync: If a stopped sync shows conflicts and Drive is restarted, then clicking on the conflicts link will show an empty list.

#25821 - Faspex: Editing "download packages from date sent" after an account has been added has no effect. Workaround: Delete the account and recreate it with the new settings or download the packages using Connect.

#25822 - Sync: Conflict list may be empty if the same local and remote folder have been renamed to new names.  Conflict link should go away on next sync.

#25891 - Drive: Exiting Drive may take awhile if synchronization is in progress.

#25899 - Sync: The ampersand (&) is not displayed in folder names when displayed in the Sync Settings windows. However, the folder with the ampersand will be synchronized correctly on the file system. This is a UI display issue only.


On your Aspera Drive client:

         Windows 7 or 8

On your transfer server, one of the following:

         Aspera Shares 1.7 or later, with Aspera Enterprise/Connect Server 3.4.x or later with a Drive-enabled license

         Aspera Faspex 3.7 or later, with Aspera Enterprise/Connect Server 3.4.x or later with a Drive-enabled license

         Aspera Enterprise/Connect Server 3.4.x or later with a Drive-enabled license

Note: Use of the synchronization feature also requires that the version of Enterprise/Connect Server be 3.4.5 or later and have a Sync-enabled license.



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Aspera Drive 1.0.0 Admin Guide

Aspera Drive 1.0.0 User Guide 


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