Faspex 3.7.5 Release Notes

Aspera Faspex 3.7.5 Release Notes

Product Release: Feb 28, 2014
Release Notes Updated: Feb 28, 2014


This release of Aspera Faspex™ 3.7.5 includes defect fixes and the following new features:

         File relay enables you to forward all packages sent to a workgroup or dropbox to multiple destinations. Notifications can be configured for relay start, completion, and error, and new notification templates are provided for this purpose.

         Just-in-time provisioning: When SAML authentication is enabled and configured, Faspex automatically creates a user account based on the information provided by a SAML response. These Faspex accounts do not need to be created manually.

         You can now also create SAML groups and configure their permissions. When the SAML user account is created automatically, all groups to which the user belongs are also created automatically (if not already present).

         A new configuration option lets Faspex admins require newly created users to reset their passwords the first time they log in. To require the password reset, add the following to the faspex.yml file: ForcePasswordResetForNewUsers:true. By default, the setting is false (unset).

         You can now have email notifications sent to yourself when you download a package.

         New user profile fields (Server > User Profile).

         A new setting allows admin users to configure the automatic deactivation and removal of inactive users (Server > Configuration > Security) based on the time of the most recent activity.

         Transfer rates can now be set per each file storage.

         A new option for the Faspex send API lets you disable strict checking of recipient names, allowing a package to be sent to all valid users in a recipients list, even if one user is invalid. (The default behavior is that the send fails if one or more users on the recipients list is invalid.)  

         API support for package forwarding from mobile clients.  

         More options for variables in Faspex email notifications, particularly for including first and last names.  


         #12329 - Allow announcement box to contain HTML.

         #21536 - Documentation: Add warning about ssh_port to the install chapter.

         #21765 - User is unable to self-register if the email address had been used by external recipient.

         #22193 - Cannot import AD user with ä in display name and last name field.

         #22199 - Documentation: Maximum Allowed Rate incorrect.

         #22297 - Documentation: Faspex 3.5 for windows document incorrectly includes Linux-only feature.

         #22365 - Node poller may fail to start.

         #22391 - Provide more options for variables in Faspex email notifications--specifically invitations.

         #22562 - Manager accounts can no longer create users with password expiration dates.

         #23054 - Support IE11 (Windows 8) for Faspex.

         #23099 - Verbose LDAP logging not supported.

         #23376 - Requests for access to a public URL fail when using alternate address.

         #23589 - Package instructions for dropboxes are inconsistent when using public URL.

         #23694 - Accounts/concurrency not reported or accessible in Faspex.

         #24095 - API response has empty local_address.

         #24673 - Cargo client polling causes extreme number of entries in Faspex transfer_request table.

         #24851 - Users added to AD group after creation of dropbox have wrong permissions on dropbox.

         #24875 - API generates internal error and Cargo is not able to fetch further RSS feed.


         #13835 - Faspex cannot connect to an AWS mail server using TLS; however, SSL connects successfully. This is relevant to the settings under Server > Notifications > E-mail Configuration.

         #14550 - After installation on Windows, the Event Viewer reports an application error for the Apache Service. This message can be ignored.

         #16519 - Some Faspex configuration settings (e.g. those that require system changes or asctl modifications) will not be restored when using the Faspex “Save/Restore” UI feature. For example, if the "Systemuser" flag is changed in faspex.yml, and the configs are backed up and restored to a new instance, the application will not start because the user must be created on the new instance with appropriate permissions. Another example is the "uri_namespace," which--if changed before a backup--must be updated in Apache using the “uri_namespace” command upon restoring. Other settings in faspex.yml include "HTTPPort", "HTTPSPort", etc, which will be overwritten to the previous values and may require manual steps to ensure the ports can be used.

         #16520 - If you download the Faspex db+config folder (from Server > Configuration > Save/Restore), the file will be saved to the browser's default location.

         #16715 - If you set an alternate address (Server > Configuration > Web Server) on your source server and save your Faspex db+config folder (Server > Configuration > Save/Restore), then upon restore to a new server/instance, the alternate address will still be set on the new server. Subsequently, your email notifications will include an alternate address link to an instance which may not be up and running.

         #16846 - If you are upgrading from Faspex 2.X and the transfer server is already set up on a different server, asctl will not handle this case. Please contact Aspera Support for assistance.

         #16905 - The Faspex Windows installer will crash if you attempt to install with the “faspex” user credentials.

         #17011 - Safari on Mac downloads the Faspex backup file to a tar file. Users can change their Safari preferences so that archive files aren't automatically unzipped.

         #17063 - During an upgrade on Windows 2008 32-bit, Apache may report an error when attempting to restart (“Apache HTTPD Server (Aspera): The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log for more detail.”). WORKAROUND: Install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) package. The download link is http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5582

         #17089 - After restoring Faspex 3.X from a source server, the destination server may or may not be able to verify the SSL certificates presented by a node (depends on whether the source server had a valid cert file or if it was missing altogether). Administrators should check to see if the cert.pem file exists and back it up prior to restoring.

         #17652 - For an existing Faspex DS group: If this group is moved to another Organizational Unit (OU) on the DS server, and then the group is synced on Faspex, the group will become invalid on Faspex.

         #21179 - 'Stack level too deep' error on import and sync of groups that are members of each other (won't fix)

         #21984 - On Centos 6.0 & 6.2, after installation and asctl faspex:setup has run and completed, users may see an invalid license message appear on the login page, even if they have copied over the correct aspera-license file to their /opt/aspera/etc directory.

         #24602 - The iOS Faspex app does not support user authentication through SAML.

         #25002 - Bad display on IE 9 for overlay of Connect plugin of Faspex new package page. WORKAROUND: This is an IE issue, you should upgrade to the latest browser version supported on your platform or ensure that you have the latest IE updates applied.


Windows: XP, 2003, 2008

Linux: RedHat, CentOS, or SUSE

Firefox 4+, Safari 5.1+, IE 7+, or Google Chrome

For Linux only: Aspera Common Components 1.1.16


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         Aspera Faspex 3.7.5 Admin Guide (Linux) 

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         Aspera Faspex 3.7.5 User Guide 


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