Shares 1.5.0 Release Notes


Product Release: July 17, 2013

Release Notes Updated: July 17, 2013


This major release of Aspera Shares offers the following new features:

         Transfer notification when new content is available in a share

         Transfer history recorded in Admin > Activity and Share > Activity 

         Simpler backup/restore procedure

         Users can now turn on/off notification of new share authorization (to reduce spamming).

         MySQL now included with Shares (resulting in changes to installation and upgrade procedures)

         Support for Shares on Windows 32-bit has been discontinued.


CAUTION, WINDOWS USERS:   If you are upgrading to Shares 1.5 from an earlier release, please contact support before proceeding with the upgrade.


         #12883 - When searching (browsing) recursively, the sort parameter is ignored.

         #14519 - The path to a share (relative to a docroot) can be seen by a Shares user. For example, if a user tries to download "/file_1" from a share at "/docroot/share_dir/file_1", the fasp URL contains "/share_dir/file_1" even though the user only knows the file as "/file_1". The path "/share_dir/file_1" can be seen in the AJAX response from Shares (part of the fasp URL) and in the Connect logs.

         #14532 - The transfer rate and encryption settings in Shares can be circumvented by users if they manually change the fasp URL before submitting. Workaround: In order to enforce the settings, you need to set the desired values in the aspera.conf file on the node.

         #15396 - The transfer fails when attempting to download special files like symlinks, block and character device files, socket, etc.

         #18579 - If you perform a search for remote groups that start with backslash (\) or asterisk (*), Shares cannot find them.

         #21957 - If you get an error when running chkconfig after uninstalling Shares, you must remove any remaining files manually. For details, see the Uninstall Shares appendix in the Aspera Shares 1.5.0 Admin Guide (Linux). 


         Windows 64-bit only: XP SP2, 2008, and 2008 R2 with .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, or 4.0.

         Linux 64-bit (RedHat, CentOS, SUSE) with kernel 2.4 or higher and libc version GLIB 2.3.4+

         Firefox 4+, Safari 5.1+, IE 7+, or Google Chrome


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         Aspera Shares 1.5.0 Admin Guide (Linux) 

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         Aspera Shares 1.5.0 User Guide 


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