faspex™ 3.1.1 Release Notes
Version: 3.1.1
Created: November 30, 2012

What’s New


  • Fixes for Active Directory
  • (Windows) Fixed upload-failure issue that occurred on IE when uploading a file that included spaces in its file path.
  • Fixed issue with public dropbox URLs not working after performing an upgrade to Faspex 3.1. 




  • Enterprise Server v3.0+
  • Aspera Common Components v1.1.13


Known Issues


  • (#12709) Users upgrading from faspex v2.0.10 may have to regenerate their “Welcome Email” template if text from the Additional Comments field is not included email. To regenerate, log into faspex and go to Server > Notifications > Welcome Email > Customize Using Template. Click the "Load Defaults" button, followed by "Generate E-mail and Save."


  • (#13835) faspex cannot connect to an AWS mail server using TLS; however, SSL connects successfully. Relevant to the settings under Server > Notifications > E-mail Configuration.
  • (#14423) If upgrading from Faspex 2.X to 3.X, post-processing scripts need to be modified as specified below, since the package’s full path is no longer supplied to the scripts.
    • If the transfer server is on the same machine (i.e. node) as faspex, then existing post-processing script(s) must be modified to prepend the faspex user’s docroot to the package path. After prepending the docroot, check for an extra "/" in the path (e.g. the input "/home/faspex/faspex_packages/$faspex_pkg_directory" will result in the output "/home/faspex/faspex_packages//10d8a2f1-30f4-47ad-a55b-6f8dbba7ff8d/PKG - foo"
    • If the transfer server is on a different machine, then existing post-processing script(s) must invoke the Node API, or the remote volume will need to be mounted on the faspex server. 
  • (#14550) After installation on a Windows machine, the Event Viewer indicates an application error for the Apache Service. This message can be ignored.
  • (#15183) In Firefox v12 and older, drag-and-drop stops working when switching from a remote source to the local source on the “New Package” screen. 


  • (#15401) Metadata can now be exported for normal packages (in previous versions, this was restricted to dropboxes). Note that the saved metadata file is no longer called aspera-dropbox-metadata.xml, but aspera-metadata.xml (even for dropbox packages).
  • (#16518) After restoring faspex from a backup (in faspex UI, go to Server > Configuration > Save/Restore), packages will be visible on the server packages screen, but will not be retrievable via faspex. Note has also been added to documentation. 


  • (#16519) Some faspex configuration settings (e.g. those that require system changes or asctl modifications) will not be restored when using the faspex “Save/Restore” UI feature. For example, if the "Systemuser" flag is changed in faspex.yml, and the configs are backed up and restored to a new instance, the application will not start because the user must be created on the new instance with appropriate permissions. Another example is the "uri_namespace," which--if changed before a backup--must be updated in Apache using the “uri_namespace” command upon restoring. Other settings in faspex.yml include "HTTPPort", "HTTPSPort", etc, which will be overwritten to the previous values and may require manual steps to ensure the ports can be used.
  • (#16520) If you download the faspex db+config folder (from Server > Configuration > Save/Restore), the file will be saved to the browser's default location.


  • (#16715) If you set an alternate address (Server > Configuration > Web Server) on your source server and save your faspex db+config folder (Server > Configuration > Save/Restore), then upon restore to a new server/instance, the alternate address will still be set on the new server. Subsequently, your email notifications will include an alternate address link to an instance which may not be up and running


  • (#16846) If you are upgrading from Faspex 2.X and the transfer server is already set up on a different server, asctl will not handle this case. Please contact Aspera Support for assistance.
  • (#16905) The Faspex Windows installer will crash if you attempt to install with the “faspex” user credentials. 
  • (#16932) Faspex does not handle the tilde (~) character correctly. Packages that contain files with the tilde character at the beginning of the filename cannot be downloaded.
  • (#17011) Safari on Mac downloads the faspex backup file to a .tar file. Users can change their Safari preferences so that archive files aren't automatically unzipped.
  • (#17055) A fresh installation or an upgrade to Faspex 3.X results in errors on CentOS 6.2 32-bit.


  • (#17063) During an upgrade on Windows 2008 32-bit, Apache may report an error when attempting to restart (“Apache HTTPD Server (Aspera): The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log for more detail.”).

WORKAROUND: Install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) package. The download link is at http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5582


  • (#17089) After restoring Faspex 3.X from a source server, the destination server may or may not be able to verify the SSL certificates presented by a node (depends on whether the source server had a valid cert file or if it was missing altogether). Administrators should check to see if the cert.pem file exists and back it up prior to restoring. 


  • (#17519) Using the new flags, "StrongPasswordRegex" and "StrongPasswordRequirements," the text specified in the requirements is not synced to the slave. Therefore on the slave, the user may try using the default text but fails in creating a user or resetting password. 
  • (#17652) For an existing Faspex DS group: If this group is moved to another Organizational Unit (OU) on the DS server, and then the group is synced on Faspex, the group will become invalid on Faspex. 


Package Information



  • 34940ddac06908743b238839b5ede5f1  aspera-faspex-
  • 2aeed419b2d8c63b1a2fc900b765c9fd  faspera-faspex-
  • e043d1227d85d187a6f705d357a9d24e AsperaFaspex-
  • 42542bba52493eef68cb3887288dbaf5 aspera-common-
  • 7a366ca0888a9e3bb6be36fb46ca3304 aspera-common-



  • 1dc3f8f0c6271e9fa3d63180ed02207f5a873872 aspera-faspex-
  • 25d11a0ddc9feeb87abd68dd704f8149aff0db33 aspera-faspex-
  • 18a4b81fd6d49b269319f4942ca9228441647296 AsperaFaspex-
  • abdafc6443232fe2b216304e5fb7b497b455b120 aspera-common-
  • 2028ba05d1139861edd77fe4421e4670da1913c7 aspera-common-