Shares 1.0.2 Release Notes
Version 1.0.2
Created: November 30, 2012

What’s New


  • Active Directory optimization.


Known Issues


  • (#12883) When searching (browsing) recursively, the sort parameter is ignored.
  • (#14519) The path to a share (relative to a docroot) can be seen by a Shares user. For example, if a user tries to download "/file_1" from a share at "/docroot/share_dir/file_1", the fasp URL contains "/share_dir/file_1" even though the user only knows the file as "/file_1". The path "/share_dir/file_1" can be seen in the AJAX response from Shares (part of the fasp URL) and in the Connect logs.
  • (#14532) The transfer rate and encryption settings in Shares can be circumvented by users if they manually change the fasp URL before submitting. Workaround: In order to enforce the settings, you need to set the desired values in the aspera.conf file on the node.
  • (#15396) The transfer fails when attempting to download special files like symlinks, block and character device files, socket, etc.


  • (#18235) After restarting “MYSQL Server (Aspera)” under Windows services, the “Delayed Job” process stops running and must be manually started.


Package Information



  • 1010b4f6f033e2c552baa4db8ab79e0d aspera-shares-
  • 0761499ce98b227305b31ebe4a35d6e6 AsperaShares-



  • 05562f682e52c903dcadf6b7242b2fb92e533604 aspera-shares-
  • 5176b5790fb16869fe9390845de8fedefcd1ad7f AsperaShares-