Connect 3.0.1 Release Notes
Version 3.0.1
Created: November 2, 2012
What’s New

Added option to transfer spec to enable / disable the reporting of transfer paths.
"aspera_connect_settings" : { "return_paths": true/false (default true) }

Known Issues

  • (#14488) For the following cases, a non-admin cannot perform a Web installation because ActiveX controls are not allowed.
    • Non-admin XP IE7 and IE8
    • Non-admin 2003 IE7 and IE8
    • Non-admin Vista IE7 with UAC off
    • Non-admin 2008 IE7 with UAC off
  • (#14562) On an HTTP fallback transfer, Connect ignores retry settings and only automatically retries once.
  • (#16088) After Firefox 5 web upgrade, both the Aspera Web 2.7.X and Aspera Web 2.8.X plugins exist, and 2.7.X is being loaded instead. Updating to the latest version of Firefox seems to fix the issue.

  • (#16453) For VMs running Mac OS 10.6+ with Firefox 13+. Navigating to a web page that runs the Aspera Web Plugin for Firefox results in that process consuming all of the machine's CPU.
  • (#17183) For Linux installations. Connect 3.0.1 works best in Gnome 2 and KDE 4.
  • (#17480) For OS X Mountain Lion installations. The confirmation that appears as a result of installing the Connect 2.8.8 applet displays the following warning: An applet from "[site]" is requesting access to your computer. The digital signature could not be verified.” This occurs in OS X Mountain Lion because Java applets are currently not allowed to participate in the Developer ID program. Workaround: Click the “Allow” button.
  • (#17511) For Windows Vista only, when UAC is turned on. Internet Explorer 7 on Windows Vista does not support "non-admin ActiveX”; thus, a user will be prompted to enter the machine’s admin password to install the plugin (npinstallhelper.dll) for all users. The plugin then proceeds to install Connect for just that specific user. When the user performs an uninstall, Connect is uninstalled (because it was installed for that specific user); however, the plugin is not removed.
  • (#17525) For Internet Explorer users on Windows Server editions (2003 and 2008). When the Enhanced Security Configuration is enabled, the Connect plugin may cause issues with browsing in Internet Explorer. Workaround: Disable Enhanced Security Configuration.
  • (#17850) For Windows 8 only. Aspera Connect does not support the 64-bit IE10 browser.
  • (#17912) For Mac OS X installations. When a non-administrator performs a web installation of the plug-in, Chrome will crash if it is running. Reported to Google (
  • (#18072) For Windows 7 and Windows 2008.  If Connect 2.8.8 is installed for an admin account through web installation, the file “npinstallhelper.dll” is installed for all users.  Afterwards, web installing Connect 3.0.1 as a non-admin will result in an error message when selecting to install "npinstallhelper.dll" for only this user. If you choose “Install for all users,” the installation is successful.
  • (#18096) Sometimes, Firefox does not prompt a user to restart his or her browser in order to complete the setup of the Aspera Installer, and the Aspera Connect Installer window will remain on-screen without further instructions. If this happens, please manually restart Firefox to continue with web install.

Package Information

  • 799f9e7ec62eb2add7dfb8cff00093b8  aspera-connect-
  • 433656048e2c06d646ae9962b601af90  aspera-connect-
  • 0ae9cbbc7c2df74a950ac2521fc96f92  AsperaConnect-
  • 097325a221c60d28cde654f66062d840  AsperaConnect-
  • eeed2b16963bd93bbf421e409757114c  AsperaConnectVista-
  • 2b795807157d54e94fcca082ac8e85c3

  • db6ab3b6fc1344a8d771356efcbd9260ed781383  aspera-connect-
  • 5c20c45ba45cba49ac4a72eccb8cb08049dcc06f  aspera-connect-
  • e675d833eec3887b082685281a91e6ad537f7864  AsperaConnect-
  • 187c0b30f1c3730ac9f0b0a25f0ee7f4fb519648  AsperaConnect-
  • 849f5150baf25b39b8f4520cd57f3684144c696a  AsperaConnectVista-
  • 1601304ea14afe67994eca9f45aa07651250e67b

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