Connect 2.8.8 Release Notes
Version 2.8.8
Created: September 18, 2012
What’s New

  • Various bug fixes

Known Issues

  • (#12184) If a non-admin has installed Connect 2.7.X locally and an admin has installed the Connect 2.8.X system-wide, the non-admin will be able to use the newer version of Connect; however, the browser will still use the old plugin. Aspera does not support local and system-wide installations of Connect on the same system.
  • (#14562) On an HTTP fallback transfer, Connect ignores retry settings and only automatically retries once.
  • (#16088) After Firefox 5 web upgrade, both the Aspera Web 2.7.X and Aspera Web 2.8.X plugins exist, and 2.7.X is being loaded instead. Updating to the latest version of Firefox seems to fix the issue.
  • (#17480) For OS X Mountain Lion installations. The confirmation that appears as a result of installing the Connect 2.8.8 applet displays the following warning: An applet from "[site]" is requesting access to your computer. The digital signature could not be verified.” This occurs in OS X Mountain Lion because Java applets are currently not allowed to participate in the Developer ID program. Workaround: Click the “Allow” button.
  • (#17511) For Windows Vista only, when UAC is turned on. Internet Explorer 7 on Windows Vista does not support "non-admin ActiveX”; thus, a user will be prompted to enter the machine’s admin password to install the plugin (npinstallhelper.dll) for all users. The plugin then proceeds to install Connect for just that specific user. When the user performs an uninstall, Connect is uninstalled (because it was installed for that specific user); however, the plugin is not removed.
  • (#17525) For Internet Explorer users on Windows Server editions (2003 and 2008). When the Enhanced Security Configuration is enabled, the Connect plugin may cause issues with browsing in Internet Explorer. Workaround: Disable Enhanced Security Configuration.

Package Information

b11db99ab4b67527ec59340976bbc7e9  AsperaConnect-
a57b3575498992e66cf424fbb956e824  AsperaConnect-
ccbc8902d237a570647927c632e0508c  AsperaConnectVista-
2dbef10b6d7fdc8d3d145f2de4a83b9a  ConnectServerSDK-2.8.8-62203.zip

558504585441ad21e610659186a8959b4dfcb692  AsperaConnect-
d304703920740e44bc6607b1247d7ef06d14ac07  AsperaConnect-
ab3790cdecdcf81a9da5ee4579159b4744e89bd2  AsperaConnectVista-
9e3c43d3aa062ce576e44ac05697bb6989535489  ConnectServerSDK-2.8.8-62203.zip

Previous Release Notes

For a complete list of new features, fixed issues, and known issues, please see the 2.8.5 and 2.8.2 release notes.