Aspera Puts Spotlight on High Performance File-Based Workflows for the Media Enterprise at Broadcast Video Expo 2012

February 7, 2012

High-Speed Data Transfer Innovator Showcases Next-Generation Cloud Storage Access Solution and Latest File Sharing, Content Distribution and Automation Frameworks
EMERYVILLE, Calif–February 7, 2012Aspera, Inc., creators of next-generation software technologies that move the world’s digital assets at maximum speed, today announced it will be presenting new solutions and its latest range of software products for media enterprises at this year’s Broadcast Video Expo (BVE) conference in London from February 14-16.
Show attendees will experience Aspera’s next-generation file sharing, content distribution and automation frameworks that leverage Aspera’s patented fasp™ transport platform for high-speed, secure global data delivery; including new options for mobile and cloud – and highly scalable data synchronization and replication over the WAN. Now with more than 1,300 enterprise customers worldwide, these solutions are redefining what can be achieved with large-scale file-based workflows in support of global content supply chains.
Visit Booth#G30 (Root6) to meet Aspera experts and see live demonstrations of the company’s latest software solutions and technology innovations:
High-speed cloud storage access with Aspera On-Demand S3|Direct
Aspera pioneered the enablement of data- and processing-intensive workflows in the cloud with its high-speed transport capabilities, available on-demand. Aspera is now first in the world to offer maximum speed ingest and distribution of very large file sets directly to and from Amazon’s ubiquitous S3 (Simple Storage Service) over the WAN. Aspera On-Demand S3|Direct overcomes the WAN and I/O bottlenecks to fully utilize the available bandwidth and achieve improvements of up to 10x the typical transfer speeds of available cloud transfer solutions per virtual machine instance.
Universal file-based collaboration powered by Aspera faspex™
Aspera faspex enables individuals and groups to collaborate quickly and efficiently by exchanging files and directories of any size and format over global distances at high speed. Now more universal than ever, faspex allows content to be distributed and accessed using a standard Web browser, transfers to be initiated through email using Microsoft Outlook, files to be uploaded and downloaded from iPhones and iPads and digital packages to be automatically distributed and downloaded to a user’s desktop. Using Aspera’s encryption-at-rest technology, content providers control exactly when distributed content can be accessed and by whom. With fully-integrated metadata collection and reporting, and the ability to invite third parties to send or receive content ad hoc, as well as complete integration with LDAP, Active Directory, and both cloud and enterprise storage platforms, faspex is the ideal platform for easy, fast and large-scale file exchange with third parties and within the media enterprise.
File-based workflow automation with Aspera Orchestrator
Aspera Orchestrator provides an open development framework for designing and integrating highly predictable and efficient file processing and automation pipelines from simple file forwarding and content ingest to complex process orchestration. With the Aspera Orchestrator, users can build simple and complex workflows using the Web-based visual designer and a library of plug-ins for third party processing, perform conditional, rules-based execution for fully automated and extensible processing, and monitor active processes and report on all operations.
Remote data synchronization and replication with Aspera Sync
Now available for both Windows and Linux, Aspera’s new software engine is designed for highly scalable, multidirectional file replication and synchronization. Purpose-built for moving big data long distances, Aspera Sync is designed to overcome the bottlenecks of conventional synchronization tools, such as rsync, and achieve maximum speed replication and synchronization over WANs, for today’s largest file stores and processing pipelines.
Exclusive solution preview – Aspera Shares 1.0
And last but not least, show attendees will be able to get a demonstration of the new Aspera Shares 1.0, which radically extends Aspera’s popular Connect Server for globally distributed, browser-based file sharing seamlessly among enterprise sites and the public cloud. Aspera Shares 1.0 lays the foundation for the next generation of Aspera’s Web applications, integrated with faspex for delivery and Console for centralized visibility, tracking and management.
Aspera will also be presenting an exclusive seminar on global file-based media workflows for the media enterprise. The seminar, taking place on Wednesday, February 15 at 2:00 p.m., will be held alongside content verification experts Interra Systems. The seminar will address how leading media companies are achieving end-to-end workflow orchestration, automated quality control and high-speed, predictable delivery of media assets to maximize worldwide content monetization.
Live demonstrations:
Broadcast Video Expo 2012
February 14–16, 2012
Booth #G30
Earls Court Two, London, U.K.
Exclusive seminar presented by Aspera and Interra Systems:
Global file-based media workflows for the media enterprise: A world of opportunity for content monetization
February 15, 2012 at 2:00pm, Victoria Room
Earls Court Two, London, U.K.